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Inventory Source connects you directly to a growing network of verified dropshippers, suppliers and wholesale drop ship distributors in a fully integrated and customizable data solution. Inventory Source offers its members access to our free wholesale product sourcing directory called the Inventory Browser. This tools helps our members find the brands, products, dropshippers and wholesale supplier programs that they need to successfully run their e-commerce business. More importantly, once you find the product lines that you want to carry, the Inventory Browser provides you with the details needed to contact the suppliers and create accounts with them directly.

Inventory Source does not charge members to view the tool and we do not allow solicited entries from suppliers. Only true verified supplier source that can enhance our members e-commerce business are invited to join our integrated supplier network. You can search the Inventory Browser to find supplier sources that you might already use so you can add a customized data solution for your product sources or find new suppliers to grow or improve your online catalog.

New dropshippers and wholesale supplier programs are constantly evaluated and tested by the Inventory Source Supplier Research Teams before they can be added to the growing wholesale supplier sources listed in the Inventory Browser tool.

Inventory Source wants to be your value adding business solution provider for your wholesale drop ship business. We will help you to find trusted wholesale product sources and help you to work directly with the suppliers that you add to your supply chain.