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What to Know About Dropshipping Furniture and Home Decor Products

The United States home decor market is experiencing rapid growth with a market share of more than 60%. This is due to the rising number of individuals owning homes as well as people spending more time at home. Dropshipping furniture and home decor can be an incredibly profitable business if implemented and managed correctly.

It is important to stay organized when dropshipping furniture and decor so that your customers will be able to find everything they need quickly and easily. So, make sure your collections and categories make sense for your business and end consumer. There is large brick-and-mortar as well as online competition when it comes to this product niche, so you will have to make sure you market and brand your business well in order to beat out the competitors.

However, there are so many different types of furniture out there allowing customers to mix and match different items for their home with the products usually having a high-profit margin.

There is definite potential to make your online furniture store a successful and profitable dropshipping business. One way to differentiate yourself from the competition is to find a niche, such as selling modern furniture, vintage home decor, or eco-friendly home products.

Advantages of Dropshipping Furniture and Home Decor

There are several advantages to drop shipping furniture and home decor, including the ability to offer your customers a variety of products. By dropshipping, you don’t have to worry about the cost of storing bulk inventory. If you sell furniture the traditional way, you can lose money through experimentation. You may end up with unsold inventory, which you will be tasked with unloading somehow.

Home decor is also a very seasonally-driven industry. Seasonal products are popular but sometimes difficult to unload once seasons have passed. Dropshipping allows you to offer seasonal decor products more affordably than wholesaling them.

How to Dropship Home Decor

To begin an online home decor and furniture dropshipping business, you’ll need to find a furniture distributor. First, decide which types of furniture and decor you want to sell. Then, research the distributors that carry the products you’re interested in.

Using Inventory Source’s supplier directory, you can browse suppliers’ product catalogs. Because only trustworthy and vetted suppliers are listed in our catalog, you can easily choose the right home decor and furniture supplier for you.

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The Inventory Source Supplier Directory fully integrates with both Inventory Source’s native dropship automation tools & the Flxpoint Retail Operations Platform for high volume sellers.


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