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Dropship wholesale lingerie and adult products from wholesale suppliers and distributors in Inventory Source’s trusted network and automate your product sourcing and online sales with our ecommerce tools. With our integrated system, you can automatically keep up-to-date stock levels from your supplier, set price markup rules to keep consistent profit margins, add new product alerts for marketing campaigns, map product categories to your custom store categories and filter products by brand, price, SKU and category.

What to know about Dropshipping Lingerie & Adult Products

Dropshipping lingerie and adult products is understandably one of the leading online retail categories in the dropship market. Because of the unwillingness of many to purchase these products from brick and mortar retailers the online retail business has become a billion dollar industry with many dropshipping their products. Adult products specifically have fairly low competition for how large the market is with tens of thousands of different products to sell. With many products in the triple digit range as well as low weight shipping costs, the adult products market is a very hot and profitable dropship category.

Dropship Benefits:

  • Low Brick & Mortar Competition
  • High Range MSRP
  • Large Market with Niches
  • High Volume of Products

Dropship Lingerie, Adult Novelties, and Sex Toys from Leading Wholesale Distributors in the US

Lingerie, sex toys, and adult novelties are some of the most growing businesses in the US. This has become a profitable business due to the recent increased demand. This is why the lingerie dropshipping and adult novelties business is witnessing a boom. If you are planning to step in then we are your one-stop source for intimate and pleasure toys, lingerie, and adult novelties.

The best part about it is the variety of adult products offered by the sex toys wholesalers as this is one of the highly profitable markets. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about stocking the inventory or managing a physical store as Inventory Source will connect you with the distributors.

The market for wholesale sex toys and lingerie has shown remarkable adaptability. Even during times of economic downfalls, adult toy dropshippers held a strong position in the market. You can source the products from different dropship lingerie suppliers and adult toy suppliers based on the availability, customization, and preferences of the user.

The market for adult and lingerie products is very competitive with manufacturers coming up with new and creative products. If the focus is not on marketing and effective branding then your online store may miss out on being in the highlight. With us, you will be able to connect with a range of reliable wholesale distributors.

Choose the best, that’s Inventory Source and you will have your hands on some of the best wholesale distributors. Partnering with us will allow you to achieve endless possibilities in the eCommerce industry.

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Key Benefits of Dropshipping Wholesale Lingerie, Adult Novelties and Sex Toys

There are so many advantages of lingerie dropshipping and one can find many suppliers for the same. Not only this but you will also get numerous wholesale suppliers for sex toys and adult novelties. If you are looking to put your best foot forward in the dropshipping business of adult products then you should partner with us. We bring you the benefits of partnering with Inventory Source and access to the list of wholesale distributors that are trusted and reliable. We connect you with genuine wholesale sex toy suppliers that deal in lingerie, and adult novelties from the USA.

No Inventory Maintenance: Although the adult toys industry is a thriving industry, you might end up with some unsold items that may become outdated after some time. Dropshipping allows you to connect with the customers and show them the inventory that the supplier has been maintaining. The risk of the unsold items is removed by dropshipping as the supplier is the one keeping the inventory in check. Thus giving you the option to switch according to the marketing demands.

Range of Products: Just like all other dropshipping categories, adult products also come in a diverse range of sizes and shapes. You can provide a diverse selection to your customers without the hassle. The suppliers will be the ones who will be maintaining the product list and the bulk inventory too.

Discreet Packaging: One of the most important parts of this business is discreet packaging. Dropshipping will make sure that your products are shipped discreetly and privately. We understand the privacy of the customer matters foremost which will increase the shopping experience.

A business is successful when you choose to dropship and connect with trustworthy wholesale adult toy suppliers. Dropshipping gives you the approach to empower your customers with a wide range of products. With this in place, you can control the prices and adjust them accordingly, and no inventory management. Inventory Source will support you in your business and will make sure that the customers are getting the products from the right suppliers.

Wholesale Lingerie, Adult Novelties, and Sex Toys Dropshipping Market: Key Insights.

By the end of the year 2023, the global lingerie market is supposed to reach $72.9 billion. These figures are a result of growing fashion trends.

Easily Integrate Dropship Suppliers With Your Online Store

The Inventory Source Supplier Directory fully integrates with both Inventory Source’s native dropship automation tools & the Flxpoint Multi Vendor Commerce Platform for high volume sellers.


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Why Choose Inventory Source to Scale Your Lingerie, Adult Novelties, and Sex Toys Dropshipping Business

Auto Inventory Sync – Fluctuating stocks or managing inventory is time-consuming but Inventory Source will make sure that the inventory is updated and synced in real-time from the distributor’s end.

Supplier Integration – Having access to a diverse range of products, you have the option of sourcing from the wholesaler as the integration becomes a seamless process. Inventory Source will ensure that you get reliable and genuine wholesale distributors.

Order Routing – We have advanced routing systems that make sure your orders are processed and routed to the right supplier as per your requirements. Our efficient and seamless order routing management takes care that all the orders are correctly and promptly routed.

Price Monitoring – As per the stats above, we know that this market is very competitive. With new product launches frequently oscillates the prices as per the availability. You can monitor the prices in real time and can create selling strategies to increase your profits.

Bulk Product Uploads – Inventory Source saves you from one-by-one product uploads as it is a tiresome task and takes a lot of time. We give you the option of bulk upload clearing the manual work.

Analytics and Reporting – In Inventory Source, you will find analytics and reporting tools that will help you monitor your inventory, sales, products, and profits. This way you will be able to create beneficial strategies that will help in your business.

When you choose Inventory Source, you are choosing a streamlined process and absolutely zero hassle on adult toys dropshipping. With us, you will be able to grow a scalable business that will give you good profits. Inventory Source gives you features that will free up most of your time and will allow you to grow your business exponentially.

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Discover the Best Lingerie for Sex and Adult Toys at Our Top-Rated Adult Novelty Supplier Directory

Our dropshipping program with Inventory Source offers a premier selection of lingerie for sex and adult products from top-rated suppliers. We understand the importance of quality and variety in an adult novelty store, so we partner with reliable suppliers to provide you with the best inventory for your customers.

Our directory features a wide range of lingerie designed to enhance intimacy and confidence. From seductive lace to comfortable everyday pieces, our collection caters to diverse tastes and preferences. High-quality materials and intricate designs ensure that your customers will find the perfect lingerie for sex that suits their needs and desires.

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Lingerie, Adult & Sex toys Dropshipping FAQs

What is adult novelty?

Adult novelty refers to products like sex toys and lingerie designed for adult entertainment and pleasure, often sold in adult novelty stores.

Where to buy adult toys?

Adult toys can be purchased from adult novelty stores, adult toy wholesalers, and online platforms specializing in adult products.

Why is the online retail business for lingerie & sex toys products so lucrative?

The online retail business for lingerie and adult products is lucrative because limited physical store options for such items push consumers to buy online, resulting in a billion-dollar industry.

What are the benefits of dropshipping lingerie & adult sex toys products?

Dropshipping in this category offers advantages such as a wide product range, the potential for high-profit margins due to premium pricing, and the ability to cater to niche markets.

Why is the adult products market profitable with low competition?

The adult products market is profitable due to its relatively low competition despite its substantial size, creating a lucrative opportunity for dropshippers.

Where to buy adult toys?

You can buy adult toys from adult novelty stores, adult toys manufacturers, or through sex toys wholesalers and online marketplaces.

Does Shopify allow you to sell adult products?

Yes, Shopify allows you to sell adult products, including adult toys and lingerie, as long as you comply with their guidelines and legal requirements.

How does high MSRP impact adult product dropshipping?

The high Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) in the adult products market allows dropshippers to enjoy higher profits, as premium pricing on certain products contributes to increased revenue per sale.

How does the Supplier Directory integrate with automation tools?

The Supplier Directory seamlessly integrates with Inventory Source’s automation tools, enabling efficient product sourcing, automatic stock updates, and streamlined sales automation for a smoother dropshipping process.

What are the benefits of Inventory Source's integrated system?

Inventory Source’s integrated system provides automated stock management, pricing adjustments, new product notifications, and brand/category filters, simplifying the dropshipping process.

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