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  • 1 Integration
  • $50/mo for Additional Integrations
  • 50k SKU Limit
  • 2x Daily Syncs
  • 1x Daily On-Demand Sync
  • Standard Support
  • Standard Suppliers
  • Stores & Marketplaces
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Why Go Plus & FAQs

Multiple Daily On-Demand Syncs

With a Plus Plan, you have the ability to do multiple on-demand updates a day. If you make a change to your product feed and want to see the changes in your store right away, you can run an on-demand update instead of waiting for an automatic update.

Reduce Selling Out-of-Stock Products

With a Plus Plan, you gain access to our optimized sync, which will update your store’s feed as often as your supplier(s) updates theirs. This lessens the risk of selling out-of-stock products and gives you peace of mind knowing that you product data is the most accurate.

Integrate With Multi-Channel Platforms

With a Plus Plan, you gain the capability to integrate with multi-channel platforms like Channel Advisor, Seller Active, Ecomdash, Ordoro, Stitch Labs and Skubana in addition to pre-integrate ecommerce platforms and marketplaces.

Save on Additional Integrations

With a Plus Plan, each additional integration after your first is only an extra $25/mo.

What if I go over my SKU Limit?

You will be charged $50/mo and allotted an additional 50,000 SKUs.

Need automated orders and tracking syncs?

Full Automation Plans

From $150/month - Inventory Automation included plus automatic order routing, order manager dashboard and automatic shipment tracking syncs across your dropship suppliers and carrier accounts.

Need more than 5 integrations or 250k SKUs?

Contact Our Solutions Team

Integrate any of our 25+ ecommerce platforms or marketplace integrations including Shopify, Amazon, eBay, Walmart, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento and more.

Need an integration with a multi-channel management platform such as Channel Advisor, Selleractive, Ecomdash, Ordoro or others? Upgrade to a Plus plan!

An “integration” is the connection between a product source (dropship supplier) and your sales channel or ecommerce platform (Shopify, Amazon, Stitch Labs, etc.). Each connection made between 1 Source + 1 Channel = 1 Integration.

Optimized sync is set to pull new data as often as it appears in the supplier feed, to then be pushed as soon as possible to your store.

How often the data is updated is dictated by how often the supplier updates their feed with new data, however with optimized sync you can be sure you are pulling this data as often possible.

Integrate with any platform including our multi-channel management platforms such as Channel Advisor, Seller Active, Ecomdash, Ordoro, Stitch Labs and Skubana.