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230+ Pre-Integrated Suppliers

Private Supplier Integrations

Sync Inventory & Orders

Cross Supplier SKU Mapping

Intelligent Order Routing

Invoice Reconciliation

Sales & Profitability Reporting

B2B Reseller Management

Starting Plan Costs

Yes, supported.

Not supported.

Yes, supported.

No. One-to-one mapping of SKUs to source.

Automatically split and route the proper SKU to the proper supplier.

Not supported.

Not supported.

Not supported.


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Yes. Flxpoint integrates directly into the
Inventory Source Supplier Directory.

Yes. Easily connect to your own private vendor network.

Yes, and so much more.

Yes. Automatically map products by UPC, MPN, EAN or ASIN.

Build advanced workflow rules to route orders across multiple suppliers and warehouses by preference, location, order details and more.

Yes. Automatically reconcile invoice costs to purchase orders to ensure accuracy and profitability.

Yes. Build reports to identify your most (and least) profitable sources, products and channels.

Yes. B2B reseller signup/approval process, tiered pricing, feed generation, order checkout, and invoicing supported.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I choose to pay more with Flxpoint over just using Inventory Source (IS)?

It really depends on your needs. Inventory Source works great for many of our customers, however, for the customers that require cross supplier SKU mapping, invoice reconciliation, private vendor integrations, and the other features noted in the comparison table, Flxpoint adds significant value.

Can I use Inventory Source tools/integrations with Flxpoint? Do I still pay for IS?

Yes you can use the tools and no, you don’t need to pay for Inventory Source. We have a prebuilt integration in Flxpoint with Inventory Source, so all IS Directory Suppliers are able to be easily integrated and you can keep your current pricing rules, category mappings, etc.

I have 10+ suppliers that I currently work with. Which solution is better for me?

Most likely, Flxpoint. Flxpoint was built to manage a large set of suppliers anywhere from 3-300 and the price point when you are fully integrating over a large number of suppliers can be more cost effective with Flxpoint.

I have several suppliers that I see are part of Inventory Source’s Supplier Directory and others that are not, which solution makes the most sense for me?

Inventory Source only allows you to integrate with the suppliers listed in our Supplier Directory. If you would like to integrate your own private network of suppliers, we recommend Flxpoint.

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