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Dropship Automation Software & Integrated Supplier Network

Automatically upload products, sync inventory & route orders with dropship suppliers to virtually any online store, marketplace or ecommerce platform.


Sync Dropship Suppliers. Automate Sales Channels.

For Suppliers

  • Dropship data feeds made simple, flexible, and automated… without added overhead.

  • Don’t let technology stop more retailer sales – sync inventory and orders with any store.

  • Manage where and how your retailers sell online.

  • Integrate dropshipping, ordering, and inventory syncing with your current workflow and software.

How it Works

For Retailers

  • Connect to our 180+ dropship supplier network or add your own private supplier.

  • Auto-upload product data and keep inventory in sync; no manual file imports.

  • Auto-send orders and sync shipment tracking.

  • Push supplier products to virtually any online store, platform, or marketplace.

How it Works
Full Product Data Integration

Auto-Upload Products with Multiple Images, Parent/Child Variations, Attributes, & More.

Optimized Inventory Sync

Industry leading syncing process to pull/push data as often as possible & prevent stockouts.

Worry Free Order Automation

Ordering & tracking syncs to eliminate entry errors, improve turn around time & customer satisfaction.

Our Customers Dropship Smarter

Luke Droulez
Parachute Home

“Inventory Source is the Linchpin between our ERP and our 3PL Warehouse… Having experts in this space that had worked with the complexities of 3PL order management certainly helped us achieve our goal of automating the order loop.”

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Peter Litsky
Army Navy Outdoors

“With Inventory Source’s Full Automation service we can now do much more order processing with less people. We went from 2 people to 1 person managing orders while over the same period of time our orders were doubling.”

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Michael Nadboy
Fragrance Net

“In the many years we have worked with Inventory Source, they continue to develop tools and new features which address the changing needs of our dropship customers. I can honestly say they have truly made it much easier for suppliers and resellers to do business.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between Inventory Automation and Full Automation? 2018-08-09T15:08:53+00:00

Our Inventory Automation service allows you to automatically sync your dropship supplier’s (or 3PL warehouse) inventory and product data to your ecommerce website or marketplace account.

You can read more on how Inventory Automation works here.

Our Full Automation service includes all the benefits of Inventory Automation PLUS the ability to automatically route orders to your dropship suppliers and automatically sync back shipment tracking to your store and customer.

You can read more on how Full Automation works here.

Do you markup pricing, sit as a middleman or take a commission on sales that you automate? 2018-11-26T14:51:01+00:00

Inventory Source provides the exact pricing that you receive from your supplier. We do not sit as the middleman and only charge a monthly fee for our software services and do not take a commission on sales/orders. US Direct is different from Inventory Source and does charge credit card and order fees.


How are you different from your competitors in the data automation industry? 2018-08-09T13:19:14+00:00
  1. We sync product data (one of the only companies to do FULL product data upload) and provide more catalog management and customization tools with our Catalog Manager.
  2. We have a wide network of pre-built dropship supplier integrations including a large number of exclusive brands and high quality products.
  3. We offer 24/7 support and on-demand customer services.

Learn more about what sets us apart here!

What is US Direct and how is it different from Inventory Source? 2018-10-16T13:15:29+00:00

US Direct is an offering from Inventory Source allowing you to gain instant access to over 100,000 dropship products from our favorite suppliers. You don’t have to go through a supplier approval process, we do all that for you! You simply integrate with US Direct as a supplier within Inventory Source and can immediately began selling products from our partnered dropship suppliers without the lengthy approval process, hidden fees or unpredictable shipping rates.

Our mission is to provide the lowest price possible and break even on sales transactions to empower small businesses to sell profitable products at predictable costs. You integrate US Direct like any other supplier and still utilize Inventory Source’s tools to customize your product feed. Read more about how it works here.

Inventory Source is simply the funnel through which US Direct works. US Direct is integrated to your store like any other supplier, and you utilize Inventory Source’s Catalog Manager tools in order to customize your product feed. It’s important to note that a Full Automation Plan is required in order to add an US Direct integration into your store.

What is Inventory Source’s role in the dropshipping process? 2018-11-26T14:55:32+00:00

Here at Inventory Source, we are strictly a software company that focuses on helping you sell more products while spending less time managing them. What we mean by that is we help you manage data in your dropship suppliers‘ feeds, such as adjusting the prices to best fit your business model and pricing strategy, mapping the products to categories that best fit your store’s category structure and by allowing you to filter products that don’t fit your ecommerce business plan all within our Catalog Manager tool. We try to help you manage all of this with using our tools for a low cost, and in turn, it’ll take less time and fewer headaches in the future.

With US Direct, we provide you an easy solution to get dropship products up on your store quickly through our partner suppliers with no lengthy approval processes and flat-rate shipping. Our mission is to provide the lowest price possible and break even on sales transactions to empower small businesses to sell profitable products at predictable costs. You integrate US Direct like any other supplier and still utilize Inventory Source’s tools to customize your product feed.

How does your service work? 2018-08-09T13:25:26+00:00

Inventory Source is an inventory management software company that specializes in the monitoring, integrating and updating product data from your dropship suppliers to your sales platform.

So to answer this main question with the above information in mind, we have access to your supplier’s feed and our systems monitor and update it by default 2x/day. However, we also provide a solution called optimized sync, available on Pro and Enterprise plans, which will monitor and update your feed as many times as the supplier updates their own. When we first integrate your supplier’s feed to your sales platform, we do a full image push to your site. This push includes all of the product details that can be found in the supplier’s feed. This includes the product’s prices, descriptions, images, categories, UPC and any other information that may be associated with that product. If any changes are done to the feed from the supplier throughout the day whether it’s price, quantity, status or new products, we will push that data to your site if your settings are set to allow this.

We also have services that we offer that can help you manage the feed with our Catalog Manager to give yourself and your customers more convenience. With Order Automation, variant and attribute mapping and custom files, we can manipulate the feed to best fit you and your customers.

Learn more about how our services work here.

What is optimized sync? 2018-08-09T13:28:43+00:00

Optimized sync pulls new data as often as it appears in the dropship supplier’s feed, to then be pushed as soon as possible to your store. How often the data is updated is dictated by how often the supplier updates their feed with new data. However, with optimized sync, you can be sure you are pulling this data as often possible.

Why is it important to keep updated price, quantity and status for dropship products? 2018-08-09T13:32:36+00:00

If you are asking this question, you might be new to selling wholesale dropship products, or you have not sold products in large volume. We often hear from people who have struggled for years selling products online. Then they find us, use our services and they realize how much real value our services add to their business. If you do not physically possess the items that you sell in your own warehouse, such as with dropship products, then what you are really selling is the product information to your customer and the sales and service you provide. Without accurate and high quality product information presented on your site, you do not have anything to offer your clients. The accuracy of the data on your site becomes part of your brand image.

Also, dropship suppliers can change their price for multiple reasons. If you put a product on your site at $50 with a $10 mark-up and they raise the price to $60, you just lost all profit. However, if you use Inventory Source, you set your price settings. As your suppliers raise or lower the prices they charge you, we can raise or lower your prices on your site with your price setting to protect your profit margin. Also, your site will be one of the FIRST online to offer the new price or new products that are added to their catalogs. This gives you the traffic when people search for this product. Let all of the other resellers try to succeed with less accurate information or spend hours every day updating price and quantity lists while you promote your site and process your orders.

Quantity and status updates are needed because there are few things that are more irritating for suppliers, resellers and most importantly customers then trying to complete a sale for an out-of-stock product. Your feedback on marketplaces and even customer retention will be severely damaged when a custom tries to complete an order for a product that you have listed as available, but the supplier has as out-of stock. That is why we update this field and can do this for you with the automation service or give you the daily details in a file download service.

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