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You post a link, we pay for every customer you send.
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Our Affiliate Partner Program

Our Affiliate Partner Program is completely free and open to anyone that feels their audience can benefit from learning about our service. When you refer traffic to the Inventory Source website, we will track that customer for 60 days to allow you to earn money from every customer you send. Payouts and all commissions are handled by Shareasale, allowing you to receive prompt payment on any of your referral earnings. You will not need to worry about the accounting or payouts of this program, as Shareasale makes it extremely simple. All affiliates are paid on a monthly basis and your affiliate tracking statistics are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Why Become an Affiliate Partner?

  • Refer a great product with cross-industry appeal. Anyone who wants to sell online is a potential referral!
  • Affordable monthly service with no setup cost that appeals to a large market.
  • Receive commission for each customer you refer, with no limit!

Step-by-Step Affiliate Partner Sign Up Guide

  1. Sign up here as an Inventory Source Affiliate via Shareasale.
  2. Add our logo, description, and your unique referral links found in your Shareasale account to your website.
  3. Email the link to your referral page and your Shareasale username to for review by our team.
  4. We will then update your commission and provide you a unique customer promo code as well.
  5. Customer referral payments are made at the end of each month and are managed/paid out by Shareasale