Inventory Source Affiliate Program

Send customers and get paid.

Why Become an Inventory Source Affiliate?

High Conversion Rate

Low start-up costs and a quick way of getting started selling online makes our product an easy decision for any aspiring entrepreneur.

High Upsell Potential

Getting started using our product is affordable with a high upsell and increased payout potential.

Expanding Market

We are capitalizing on the growing dropshipping and ecommerce trend and expanding market.

Large Audience Appeal

We provide a great product with cross-industry appeal, making our product valuable to a wide-array of people.

Reliable Payouts & No Limit

Our affiliates have unlimited payout limits and can count on receiving their payouts fast and reliably each month.

Premiere Partner Program

Being our affiliate gives you the potential to join our Premiere Partner Program where you can earn recurring revenue payouts.

Shareasale Program

Become an affiliate partner for free through Shareasale!

Step-by-Step Sign-Up Guide:
  1. Sign up here as an Inventory Source Affiliate via Shareasale.
  2. Add our logo, description, and your unique referral links found in your Shareasale account to your website.
  3. Email the link to your referral page and your Shareasale username to for review by our team.
  4. We will then update your commission and provide you a unique customer promo code as well.
  5. Customer referral payments are made at the end of each month and are managed/paid out by Shareasale
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