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B2B Reseller Network

Gain a new distribution partner with US Direct and hundreds of new resellers of your products. We handle reseller approval, MAP enforcement, returns and tech headaches.

Drive More Sales

Gain a Distribution Partner

We drive product sales through our established network of resellers and marketing channels.

Alleviate Tech Headaches

Let our team handle the technical requests for inventory feeds, order automation and channel integration.

Offload Customer Service

By joining US Direct, we will take care of managing new reseller applications, returns and customer support for you.

Supplier Directory

Gain exposure to 200+ new resellers daily and an existing audience of 150,000 in our community as well as allow your resellers to easily connect and auto-sync to 25+ ecommerce platforms.

Gain More Resellers

150,000+ Supplier Directory Users

Gain ample exposure to our wide audience base of 150,000+ Supplier Directory users.

200+ New Sign-Ups Per Day

With over 200 sign-ups per day, you will constantly be put before fresh pairs of eyes looking to sell online.

Reseller Store Integrations

Allow your resellers to easily connect their store to auto-sync inventory and orders with 25+ ecommerce platforms.

Helping suppliers drive sales and optimize dropship operations since 2003.

Drive new sales and signups
with Inventory Source and US Direct.

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