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What to Know About Dropshipping Jewelry and Fashion Apparel

It’s no secret that society is attracted to shiny things. The value of the jewelry market is projected to reach $292 billion dollars by 2025. This makes the fashion jewelry and apparel niche an excellent choice for online retailers.

When dropshipping, it’s essential to find products that are easy and affordable to ship, especially if you plan to sell internationally.

There are several sub-niches to choose from, including fashion jewelry, fine jewelry, gold jewelry, fast fashion, accessories, and more.

Fashion Jewelry

This kind of jewelry is the type people buy as a fashion accessory without spending much money. Fashion jewelry is typically cheaper and not high-quality. However, it sells well because trends change rapidly.

Fine Jewelry

Fine jewelry usually consists of gemstones set in solid gold or silver. Think engagement rings, romantic gestures, and special occasion gifts.

In this category, you’ll find brooches, bracelets, rings, necklaces, and more.


Bags are one of the most popular accessories to sell online. Customers are more likely to buy handbags online, as you don’t have to worry about fittings and sizes. This sub-niche can include tote bags, backpacks, fanny packs, and cases for electronics.


The demand for shirts is typically high year-round. If you want to sell mainly apparel, be sure to carry shirts in your online store. Stock a variety of options and styles to make sure you have something for every customer. You can also offer print-on-demand products to create a unique customer experience.


Watches are another popular fashion accessory for all genders. They’re useful and fashionable. Today, smartwatches are growing in popularity worldwide. They’re a bigger ticket item—averaging around $100 per watch—but there are cheaper options.

Beware, however, of ending up with cheap copies of brand-name watches.

Finding a Wholesale Jewelry and Apparel Supplier

Dropshipping jewelry and high-end fashion apparel is an industry that is known for counterfeit items, so finding a good trustworthy supplier should be a top priority. Beware of above-average margins for name-brand items that do not seem to be discounted for any specific reason (out of season, last year’s design, refurbished, etc.).

Once you find a supplier who can deliver trustworthy products, work on your brand as much as possible to differentiate from the other online stores out there. With a pretty picky buyer type, many fashion stores look to build their brand around the manufacturer brands they carry by showcasing the top brands on their website.

You should clearly state your return policy and ensure you find a supplier with a favorable one, as this dropship category can have a high return rate. What draws dropship retailers to sell jewelry and apparel is the high demand, decent margins, and the recurring seasonal inventory that is continuously being made available by their dropship suppliers.

Inventory Source’s directory allows you to quickly search for, compare, and contact trustworthy dropship suppliers. Because our supplier partners are verified by our team, you can worry less about being scammed. It’s the best way to find a source fo your new or existing dropshipping business.

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