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US Direct Proven Sellers Now Has ASINs Validated

The Inventory Source Support Team has combed through the US Direct Proven Sellers 5,000 product catalog to improve and add missing ASINs to the different SKUs. This [...]

Inventory Source’s Latest Integrated Dropship Suppliers

Looking to expand your product catalog? We've just integrated four new suppliers in the general merchandise, beauty & fragrance, tactical products, and CBD & vape niches! Check [...]

Proven Sellers by US Direct Integration Now Available

Searching for products for your dropshipping business? Just getting started and haven’t identified a niche? US Direct’s newest integration, Proven Sellers by US Direct, takes care of [...]

How to Get Your Amazon Suspension Lifted

Your Amazon account is a valuable asset. It gives you access to the world’s largest online marketplace with the potential to earn a full-time living. So, a [...]

New Power Seller Plans Available

Are you selling from multiple suppliers, on multiple ecommerce platforms, or both? Upgrade to one of our new Power Seller Plans to purchase integrations in bulk! You’re [...]

New Inventory Source Pricing Plans in Effect May 3

On May 3rd, 2021, at 9 AM ET, our pricing plans are changing to reflect the value of the Inventory Source platform more accurately.  Over the last [...]

Introducing CBD Supply by US Direct

Have you been waiting for the right opportunity to enter the CBD industry?  This is it. Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, CBD sales have drastically [...]

What Is the Best Wholesale and Dropship Supplier Directory?

Whether you’re starting a new ecommerce business or you’re a seasoned online retailer, there will be a time where you must add products to your store or [...]

11 Inventory Management Tips for Becoming a More Cost-Efficient Ecommerce Business

For business owners, managing a business on an ecommerce platform can be complicated without having proper inventory management tips. Profit-making is the end goal of every business [...]

Inventory Source Supplier Directory | Six Newly Integrated Suppliers

We’re excited to announce the addition of the following featured suppliers to Inventory Source’s free Supplier Directory!  Heelscape Supports: Inventory Automation and Full Automation is a [...]