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Review By MV Ramesh Kumar

``Inventory Source is the best choice for dropshipping sellers. I have been using it for the past few years to add my suppliers' products to my Shopify and BigCommerce stores. The support team is highly professional and very cooperative. I would like to give it 5+ stars and recommend it to everyone in need of auto integration.``
Review By Kelly

``Inventory Source was exactly the type of service and product I was looking for to help manage my e-commerce business. They also already integrated with the major suppliers and channels I was using. There have been times when I had to contact support because of issues with the syncing, and they have responded quickly and were helpful and able to help resolve the issues. Thanks Inventory Source!``
Discreet Deeds

“Inventory Source has streamlined our process for inventory management with an easy to use software system that features straight to the point editing of product information with their catalogue system. This is a great feature as it happens before importing to our store and Inventory Source never forgets that we have made a change, so no more continuous fears of accidentally overwriting our customizations.”
Douglas Pearsall

“I've had pretty good luck with them. Customer service has always been helpful. My only issue is duplicate listings and items going into the wrong categories when uploaded. This isn't the inventory source's doing. The suppliers don't have the same categories as the platform I'm selling on, so it can be a pain sometimes.”
Peter Litsky

Army Navy Outdoors

“With Inventory Source’s Full Automation service, we can now do much more order processing with less people. We went from two people to one person managing orders while over the same period of time our orders were doubling.”

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