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Dropship perfume, fragrance, and bath and body care from wholesale suppliers and distributors in Inventory Source’s trusted network. Then, use our ecommerce tools to automate your product sourcing and online sales. With our integrated system, you can automatically view up-to-date stock levels from your supplier and set price markup rules to keep consistent profit margins. You can also map product categories to your custom store categories and filter products by brand, category, price, and SKU.

What to Know About Dropshipping Perfume, Fragrance, and Personal Care Products

Dropshipping perfume and fragrance has been a popular online retail category for nearly a decade. However, personal care such as skin care products and beauty products have become a strong dropship category as well.

Along with the “eco-friendly” and “organic” movement, a whole new wave of brands has emerged. New buyers that are traditionally younger and more accustomed to shopping online are buying up these products.

Perfume is in demand year-round. In fact, the fragrance market is set to reach $64.6 billion by 2023. Given the endless variety available at different price points, a new reseller can enter the market with an online store relatively easily.

You can choose to dropship skincare, affordable fragrances, luxury brands, or work directly with a perfume manufacturer and white label products. The consumers will come. You just have to outperform your competitors with optimized product data and reliable service.

How to Dropship Perfume

First, determine which market you want to be in. Do you wish to sell to customers seeking a low-end, cheaper product, or a high-end, expensive one? Maybe you want to sell somewhere in between?

For example, you can choose to focus on rarer, luxury perfumes or perhaps organic types. Pay attention to perfume concentration levels—the higher the level, the longer the perfume will last.

Have a clear business model in mind before you begin the next steps.

To source products to sell online, you’ll need to pick a supplier. Because fragrance is a highly-competitive market, it’s vital to zero-in on a particular niche.

How to Find a Wholesale Fragrance Supplier

If you’re just getting started, it is crucial that you choose a supplier that is trustworthy and reliable. Luckily, Inventory Source’s free supplier directory only lists suppliers that our team members have personally verified.

Using a supplier directory, it’s easy to use advanced filtering features to narrow down your supplier search.

Inside the directory, you can browse through supplier catalogs to see which products they tend to stock. You can also get a good idea of the amount and quality of the product information they provide. This is the information you’ll use to sell the products in your store, so be sure it’s high-quality.

Once you have a few suppliers in mind, you can easily access their dropship program details and contact information inside of the directory.

You’ll need to get in contact with any supplier(s) you’re considering and inquire about their dropshipping program. Most suppliers require you to apply for their program before you can begin selling their products.

Don’t let the conversation be one-sided. You should have questions for potential suppliers as well, such as whether they require an order minimum, how they bill their resellers, and how they’re shipping the products.

Start Dropshipping Fragrance Today

Luckily, the fragrance industry is continually evolving and it’s easy to ride the wave of a new trend. Once you have a niche in mind, follow these steps to begin your dropshipping journey:

  1. Register your business with your local authority
  2. Browse our free supplier directory to choose and contact a supplier
  3. Start dropshipping perfume on your preferred ecommerce platform

It’s that easy!

Dropship Perfume, Fragrance & Body Care Products From Leading Wholesale Distributors in USA

Perfumes, fragrances, and body care products are used daily and people love to experiment with different types of fragrances. If you are looking for dropship perfume suppliers then you have come to the right place. Inventory Source is the one-stop destination where you will find perfume wholesalers in the USA. We, being the trusted source will bring the most varied options for products for your customers. Get fragrance suppliers from renowned sources in the United States.

The perfume, fragrance, and body care products have a wide variety and are available in different options. Everyone loves to use body care products and fragrances and giving the customers an option to choose from is what we are doing. Some diverse options and forms are as below:

Fragrances: Perfumes are a part of everyday life and have a wide range of men women and niche scents including designer scents. There is also a collection of colognes and various scents and combinations of concentrations.

Body Care Products: There are also combinations of body care products such as body lotions and creams, bath body care products like shower gels, deodorants, and antiperspirants. The dropship perfume suppliers also have diversified products like bath salt and bath bombs along with spa items so you get to choose from the most reliable suppliers.

Skin Care: Scented and unscented facial creams and cleansing products are hype in the US market. Most of the audience is women but the male audience is also running neck to neck in the competition.

You will also find natural and organic product suppliers when you partner with Inventory Source. We bring you reliable perfume wholesalers, in the USA and body care wholesale suppliers.

When you partner with us, we ensure that you have access to the best wholesalers that have a wide variety of products that can be showcased to the right audience to gain better profits.

Market Insights: according to helplama.com and statista.com 

  • 24.3% of the market share is owned by the skincare segment.
  • 38% of US customers use cleanser products as per the reports.
  • $163.5 billion is the evaluation of the global skincare industry.
  • 38% of beauty products fall under the age group of 25-44 years, which is followed by 45-54 year-old women consisting 18%.
  • The global revenue of fragrances will grow from $53.44 billion to $67.4 billion by 2028.
  • As of March 2023, around 42% of US consumers have been using perfumes regularly.

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Key Benefits of Dropshipping Cologne, Fragrance & Body Care Products

As per the market reports, the US holds a strong presence in body care and fragrances thus partnering with us will give you a lot of options for wholesale suppliers so that your dropshipping business is a success. But how will you achieve success with just a list of suppliers or distributors with us? Inventory Source offers a wide array of trusted suppliers for all your cologne dropshipping suppliers needs.

Vast Selection: Other dropshipping companies have a nearly good selection but here at Inventory Source, you will get the finest and a lot of options to choose from. With our collection in place, your customers are going to enjoy varied product selections. Dropshipping helps you bring a diversified collection to the customers. Team up with reliable suppliers and exhibit the best.

No More Inventory Issues:  As a business owner, you have a lot on your plate that needs to be taken care of and inventory is the last of it. Traditional inventory may lead to stocking up on too many goods which may lead to underselling or overselling. This does not happen in dropshipping as the supplier is responsible for inventory management. This way you can focus on your business strategies for growth.

Adaptable to Diversity: Just like other businesses, body care products, and fragrances have their own trends and seasons which are based mostly on summer and winter. Body care changes during seasons, and so do the fragrances along with niche and prestige demands. Dropshipping gives you the opportunity to deal with the fluctuating demands during various trends and seasons. You can also offer discounts related to trends and seasons.

By selecting wholesale perfume dropship from reliable suppliers, you are putting your trust in Inventory Source and we will give your business success. With this approach, you can offer a wide variety of products, keep costs low, and stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly changing industry. Inventory Source helps you find and work with the best fragrance and body care product wholesalers and suppliers, so your customers can get the high-quality products they deserve.

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The Inventory Source Supplier Directory fully integrates with both Inventory Source’s native dropship automation tools & the Flxpoint Multi Vendor Commerce Platform for high volume sellers.


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Why Choose Inventory Source to Scale Your Dropship Perfume, Fragrance & Body Care Products Dropshipping Business

Inventory Source is your dropshipping partner for fragrances, perfumes, and body care products. With us, you will be connected with a lot of suppliers dealing in fragrance dropshipping and it will be a game-changer for your venture.

24X7 Availability: We offer a complete automation process and featured process which makes our availability round the clock. This is one of our best USPs that we are available for you 24/7 and will respond to all your queries in a matter of time.

Effortless Supplier Integration: Inventory Source simplifies the dropshipping of perfumes, fragrances, and body care products through seamless integration with the suppliers. Product sourcing becomes easy and you get access to an extensive range of products.

Automated Inventory Sync: Managing inventory is one of the tedious tasks and needs a lot of attention. In the dropshipping business, you can skip the inventory hassle. The stocks and the inventory will be updated by the suppliers and the distributors and they will maintain and manage the inventory levels too. Now with all that extra time, you can develop new strategies for your business growth.

Bulk Product Uploads: With the help of our management system, you can upload bulk products in your listing rather than uploading products one by one. This will save you both time and effort and you will be able to expand your fragrances, perfumes, and body care products in your store without the need of human labor.

Product Customization: Fragrance, perfumes, and body care product descriptions, titles, and the content description of the product can be tailored as per the demand of the customer. You can easily customize the content of your fragrance and body care products to retain valuable and recurring customers.

By selecting Inventory Source, you’re not just streamlining your dropshipping operations for body care products, perfumes, and fragrances. This will create a scalability environment for you which will help your business growth. Our comprehensive features and seamless supplier integration focus only on the most important aspects. Inventory Source will become your trusted partner and will connect you with a ton of wholesale suppliers for fragrances, perfumes, and body care products.

Perfume, Fragrance & Body Care Products Dropshipping FAQs

How to become a perfume distributor?

You can become a perfume distributor by connecting with Inventory Source and becoming an integrated dropshipping partner. This way you will be able to connect with many business owners who want dropship perfume suppliers for their business.

Where can I find reliable dropship perfume suppliers for my business?

You can find dropship perfume suppliers on various wholesale marketplaces, supplier directories, Inventory Source, Fragrance distributors, and niche-specific suppliers.

What are the benefits of fragrance dropshipping for online retailers?

The benefits include low cost for startups, extensive product selection, scalability, location flexibility, quality suppliers, risk reduction, global reach, and customer loyalty.

How can I partner with wholesale perfume dropship providers for my store?

You can contact perfume suppliers that do wholesale, and you can also go with market research online and offline, another option is trade shows and exhibitions, or you can contact the supplier directory. All of this can be obtained from Inventory Source as we have trusted suppliers.

Where can I connect with cologne dropshipping suppliers for my online shop?

You can connect with cologne dropshipping suppliers through online wholesale platforms, social media and forums, wholesale websites, online and offline marketplace, related conferences, and networking events.

How can I source high-quality perfumes from wholesale suppliers?

There are many ways by which you can source high-quality perfumes from wholesale suppliers which are by contacting manufacturers, verification of wholesalers, identifying reliable suppliers, and market research.

Where can I find cologne wholesale distributors in the USA?

You can find cologne wholesale distributors in the USA on Inventory Source and other places like trade publications, online marketplace, professional associations, fragrance manufacturer websites, trade shows, and exhibits.

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