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Inventory Source has partnered with Nova Engel to provide you with an easy way to dropship by automating the inventory data feed directly into your online store.
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Connect Nova Engel as well as other suppliers. Check out our list of integrated dropshippers here.

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Sync dropship suppliers and automate sales channels.

Integrate your supplier’s inventory to automatically upload product data and sync inventory quantities with over 25 online store platforms, marketplaces and multi-channel management platforms.

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About Nova Engel

Bring home excellence in perfumery and beauty with Nova Engel, a European leader founded in 1982. Specializing in Nova Engel dropshipping and wholesale services, we redefine the industry with high-quality perfumes, cosmetics, hair care, and sunglasses. Our clients consistently achieve remarkable results through our cutting-edge dropshipping service. Nova Engel sl boasts a robust international presence, backed by extensive experience in the realms of perfumery, cosmetics, and professional hairdressers. As pioneers in the field, we continue to set the standard, providing unparalleled products and services. Elevate your business with Nova Engel—the epitome of quality, innovation, and expertise in the world of beauty.

Find Winning Dropshipping Products on Nova Engel Online with Inventory Source

s the premier European beauty industry leader, Engel group provides an extensive range of Nova Engel dropshipping and wholesale services, including perfumes, cosmetics, makeup, and hair care from 500+ prestigious brands and over 20,000 references. Benefit from a streamlined dropshipping system, allowing you to sell our products without hefty initial investments or the need for storage space. Nova Engel becomes your logistics operator, handling direct shipping to end customers. Additionally, external collaborators offer essential services for business startup, encompassing web design, graphic design, and programming. Elevate your online store with Nova Engel’s comprehensive solutions. Discover success in dropshipping with Nova Engel Online through Inventory Source. Some benefits are:

  • Exclusive and Extensive Product Range
  • Efficient Dropshipping Services
  • Logistical Support
  • Collaborative Startup Services

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