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Dropship wholesale tactical, survival, and camping gear from wholesale suppliers and distributors in Inventory Source’s trusted network and automate your product sourcing and online sales with our ecommerce tools. With our integrated system, you can automatically keep up-to-date stock levels from your supplier, set price markup rules to keep consistent profit margins, add new product alerts for marketing campaigns, map product categories to your custom store categories and filter products by brand, price, SKU and category.

What to know about Dropshipping Tactical & Survival Gear

Survival, camping, and tactical gear has been a hot category in the dropshipping space for most of the 2000s, and for good reason. The “doomsday prepper” trend as well as an increase in outdoor hiking popularity has led to a significant increase in survival and camping gear purchases. With less competition from traditional brick and mortar retailers than other categories, survival and tactical gear is well-positioned for dropship online retailers to offer a wide selection to their customers who also may be in rural areas without easy access to the same type of products. A high price tag and an enthusiast product category lend well to the niche dropship retailers that can add value by providing helpful content and customer service during the purchase.

Dropship Benefits:

  • Low Brick & Mortar Competition
  • Rural Area Buyer
  • High MSRP
  • Niche Enthusiast Buyer

Dropship Tactical, Survival & Camping Gear Products From Leading Wholesale Distributors in US

A part of America is known for its national parks and camping areas and approximately 25.9 million Americans go for three annual camping trips. We can say that camping is one of the favorite activities for Americans in both summers and winters. That said, the revenue of camping gear, tactical, and survival products reached $21.9 billion in the year 2022 and it is expected to grow in the next 5 years.

The international market of tactical, survival & camping gear products is growing as wilderness and exploration is a growing activity among people. They look forward to these camping trips as it is considered bonding activities. As the market is growing, the business of dropshipping outdoor gear is also growing. The customer gets a lot of options like:

Tactical Gear: This category mainly consists of tactical clothing like camouflage clothing, boots, and so on. It also consists of tactical backpacks and storage bags used to carry flashlights, guns, knives, and multi-tools.

Survival Gear: If you want to dropship survival gear then the category consists of shelter gear and sleeping bags, fire starters, first aid kits, communication devices, camping stove and cookware, and a unit of emergency food and water. These things make a perfect camping trip.

Camping Gear: Planning a camping trip with your friends or family is such a fun activity and all you need are tents, sleeping bags and pods, camping furniture, cooking equipment, a backpack, camping lights, tools, and hydration gear.

Outdoor Gears: Once you plan a camping trip there are some outdoor activity gear that you should have like survival watches, binoculars, mosquito repellents, paracords, and a rope. These are considered basic camping equipment that everyone should have.

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Key Benefits of Dropshipping Tactical, Survival & Camping Gear Products

The market for tactical, survival and camping gear is vast, and getting reliable outdoor dropshipping suppliers for military gear also is very difficult. With Inventory Source, you get to tap into the list of wholesale distributors and suppliers that are always available with a wide range of products. Here is why partnering with a survival gear wholesale supplier can scale up your business manifolds:

No Inventory Management: As a business owner, you don’t need to manage the inventory as it will be managed by the suppliers. With traditional retailers, the problem with leftover stock is present. The risk of not selling will add up in your budget but with dropshipping, you don’t have to purchase in big quantities.

Product Selection: You can find a large product selection base just like the other leading dropshipping companies. With camping gear dropshipping you can provide a variety of products to your customer base without storing the products in the inventory.

Focus on Marketing: With stats mentioned in Statista.com, the wholesale sales of camping backpacks were a little over $880 million in 2022. This made camping backpacks one of the top-selling categories. In 2023, the market for camping equipment is expected to expand at a CAGR of 7.3%. 

Scalability: Once the demand for survival military gear and tactical camping gear increases then you can introduce new products and scale up your business. This will also expand your customer base and your business can also enter related niches like outdoor gear.

No Location Dependencies: It gives you the flexibility to run your dropshipping outdoor gear business from anywhere in the world just with the help of an internet connection. Inventory Source will become your dropshipping partner in scaling up your business.

By choosing Inventory Source as your reliable dropshipping outdoor gear supplier partner, you bring success to your business. Having so many wholesale suppliers under the wing, your customers can select products from a bigger range which will be cost-effective. Inventory Source supports your journey of dropshipping tactical and camping gear products and ensures that your customers have access to top-quality products. With such a growing market of tactical, camping, and survival gear, you should not miss out on the success. Partner with Inventory source.

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Why Choose Inventory Source to Scale Your Tactical, Survival & Camping Gear Products Dropshipping Business

If you are planning to start a camping gear dropshipping business then Inventory Source is your first step. You can transform your business with Inventory Source in the following ways and not miss out on the chance of becoming successful:

Automatic Inventory Sync: We offer automatic synchronization of the inventory of product data, stock levels, and price. We will ensure that your customers are viewing product information in real-time and refrain from overselling or underselling.

Supplier Integration: Your customer gets a wide range of products because Inventory Source integrates with many reliable suppliers and wholesalers of survival military gear, tactical camping gear, and more.

Price Monitoring: Real-time price monitoring is offered by Inventory Source. It also allows you to change or make amends in the pricing strategies for better and more profitable returns while being active in the competitive market.

Order Routing: As a business owner, you get order routing rules from us so that the order is directly sent to wholesale tactical gear suppliers. They streamline your order fulfillment and ensure that the delivery to the customer is made.

Bulk Product Uploads: We understand that as a business owner, you have a lot on your hands and bulk product uploads are something that you don’t have to go through. Inventory Source saves your time and effort by automating bulk product uploads and expanding the catalog.

Choose Inventory Source to find survival military gear and tactical camping gear wholesale suppliers and start a scalable and growing business. Our automation tools and comprehensive features will enable a seamless dropshipping process and will give you the opportunity to shift your focus on the core activities of your business.

Tactical, Survival & Camping Gear Products Dropshipping FAQs

How can I find reliable camping dropshipping suppliers for outdoor enthusiasts?

There are many channels like online support, trade shows, advertisements, wholesale suppliers, and networking groups that will help you. However, Inventory Source is exactly what you are looking for.

What types of outdoor gear can I dropship to cater to adventure seekers?

There are different types of outdoor gear and some of them are survival watches, paracords and rope, binoculars and flashlights, tents or camping gear, insect repellent, and survival or first aid kits.

What are the essentials in survival military gear that I can dropship?

If we talk about survival military gear then you can dropship survival kits, tactical clothing, tactical backpacks, knives, multitools, first aid kits, fire starters, navigation tools, and body armor. You can find a list on Inventory source.

Where can I partner with suppliers to dropship tactical gear for various activities?

You can partner with Inventory Source to dropship tactical gear for various activities. There are other networking channels and online channels where you can partner with the suppliers but to save yourself from the hassle of all financial and marketing aspects, we have Inventory Source for you.

Where can I find and dropship tactical camping gear for outdoor enthusiasts?

There are multiple places, and channels that are online and offline and these are research suppliers, online wholesale marketplaces, contract manufacturers, exhibitions, niche-specific suppliers, dropshipping directories, or Inventory Source.

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