Review By Discreet Deeds

How Inventory Source Simplified Inventory Management and Product Information for a Small Business for a Successful Sales Outcome.


Inventory Management is something very crucial for a business and lack of it will result in chaos for the business owner. Our one such client was facing a similar situation where they were having issues with inventory management with the previous partner. As soon as they connected with us, effectively streamlined their processes and addressed specific pain points to improve overall efficiency.

The Challenges

The owner had specific challenges while looking to streamline the process for effective and efficient inventory management.

Product Information Editing – The need for editing product information before they are imported to the store was an error-prone task and involved labor.

Supplier Integration – Manually importing and managing supplier product feeds was time-consuming and led to confusion.

Automation Cost – The cost of automating order completion with the help of Inventory Source was quite a concern for a small business like theirs.

The Solutions Provided by Inventory Source

Streamline Editing of products – Product information editing was simplified and rectified by system catalog software that ensured the changes were retained throughout the process.

Syncing Supplier Integration – Inventory Source offered built-in integration with the supplier, eliminating the need for manual import and making the process much smoother. The availability of “premium” feeds further reduced the time spent on sorting and variations.

Automation Cost Consideration – The cost was something that was concerning as per the small business but the business owner decided to continue with Inventory Source because of the simplicity of the software and effective inventory management features.

The Outcome of the Solution

Inventory Source gave effective solutions that improve inventory management. These were: 

  • The streamlining of the product information editing process saved time and reduced errors. 
  • The supplier integration was simplified too as the premium feeds and in-built integration reduced the complexities of managing supplier product feeds. 
  • The higher initial automation cost was a concern but it was overlooked by the software simplicity that the client was ready to move ahead with Inventory Source inventory management needs which increased the overall efficiency. 

The increased efficiency and smooth inventory management resulted in successful sales. 

Inventory Source’s user-friendly features and effective inventory management solutions have proven valuable for small businesses. The software simplifies the complexities of managing inventory, addresses pain points, and ensures efficient operations in the competitive world of ecommerce. Inventory Source can empower businesses of all sizes to enhance their inventory management processes and improve overall efficiency.

Inventory Source has streamlined our process for inventory management with an easy to use software system that features straight to the point editing of product information with their catalog system. This is a great feature as it happens before importing to our store and Inventory Source never forgets that we have made a change, so no more continuous fears of accidentally overwriting our customizations.

In comparison to most inventory systems, this one features built in integration with the supplier, so no more importing product feeds and sifting through the mess. Just be sure to pay attention to your supplier feed and see if inventory source offers a “premium” one for your supplier. These are managed, already sorted and variation linked. Huge time savor!

My only let down on inventory source is the price of automation on order completion. The little guys of the industry cannot afford it, and with other systems that can do this by default, for free, it feels like its almost worth it to ditch the leisure of your software. However, we love the simplicity of management and won’t be doing that. Just something to consider.

-Discreet Deeds