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Inventory Source has partnered with PetDropshipper to provide you with an easy way to dropship by automating the inventory data feed directly into your online store.
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Automatically upload PetDropshipper products with bulk filter, pricing and category tools.


Integrate inventory levels, product details and images directly into your store, marketplace or multi-channel platform.


Connect PetDropshipper as well as other suppliers. Check out our list of integrated dropshippers here.

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    Choose a supplier and integrate to your ecommerce platform, marketplace or multi-channel platform.

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    Use our tools to customize your supplier's product feed and then begin pushing products to your store.

Sync dropship suppliers and automate sales channels.

Integrate your supplier’s inventory to automatically upload product data and sync inventory quantities with over 25 online store platforms, marketplaces and multi-channel management platforms.

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About Petdropshipper

Get seamless pet retail with Petdropshipper – your trusted partner in dropshipping since 2014. Embrace hassle-free operations with no dropship fees and zero minimums, making us the go-to choice for over 200 nationally recognized brands and 11,000 trusted pet products. Every package comes with a Hassle-Free returns label, ensuring customer satisfaction. Benefit from real-time shipping within 24-48 hours via USPS, FedEx Express, and FedEx Ground. With New Products Monthly, Petdropshipper empowers your business to thrive. Elevate your pet retail experience with us – where efficiency meets variety, and your success is our priority.

Find Winning Dropshipping Products on Petdropshipper Online with Inventory Source

Find winning products from over 200 trusted brands and 11,000+ items pet parents love. No dropship fees, no minimums, just hassle-free returns and real-time shipping. Inventory Source seamlessly integrates, automating orders and boosting your pet store’s success. Discover new products monthly and watch your profits wag! Browse Petdropshipper’s vast catalog and find trendy toys, cozy beds, delicious treats, and more. Inventory Source simplifies the addition of products to your store, automates pricing and orders, and manages inventory effortlessly. Petdropshipper packages and ship orders directly to your customers, with fast delivery and hassle-free returns. Some benefits are:

  • Efficient Shipping and Hassle-Free Returns
  • Zero Minimums
  • No Dropship Fees
  • Extensive Product Range

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