5 Free Ways to Market Your Wholesale Dropship Website

When getting started with a dropship ecommerce store, it is important focus during the early months on building traffic to your website to help generate sales leads. Some new ecommerce store owners focus on paid ad campaigns. And while there are many benefits of the cost-per-click (CPC) and pay-per-click (PPC) approaches, there are several things you can do to begin building traffic towards your site without needing to spend money. This guide is meant to give you a few simple approaches that you can use to help promote your ecommerce dropship business without impacting your budget or start-up costs.

1) Submit Your Wholesale Dropship Store URL to Google

This is a simple step that all users should take, but it is often overlooked by new store owners. You do not have to pay to have your site indexed by search engines; however, it is helpful to let them know your new site is now online. The internet has millions of new pages, content and sites activated every day, so rather then waiting for it to find you, just let them know you are ready for business.

For example, you can submit your site to Google within seconds just by submitting this form: http://www.google.com/addurl/ . But to view or access this URL, you will need to have a Google Webmaster Tool account, which you can easily add with a Gmail account.

Since Google tends to change where and how you create this account from time-to-time, just Google “How to create a Google Webmaster Tool account” and you will go right to the form to create a Gmail ID if you do not already have one. You can get to the “addurl” page from there as well once you are logged into the account.

2) Submit Your Dropship Website URL to a Forum

A forum is a website that allows users to post questions and respond with comments. Forums can be found on business management, marketing tips, particular product types or just about anything you can think of. Some forums allow you to post a link to your website when asking a question or giving a response. Other forums do not allow you to post the link, but you can list the link in your signature (your name that appears at the bottom of each post).

It is important to read the rules of the forum before you begin. A post from a forum allows you to have an inbound link to your site, which in turn improves its SEO; it also allows other users to find your site directly. If the question is about a brand, product, etc., you can provide comments and post a link to a page on your site that is relevant. When you post to a website forum, you want to make sure you are being helpful and responding directly to the conversation.

Think about it this way, if you were at a cocktail party and people were talking about needing to get a new laptop, you would be more welcome to the conversation if you added some comments about price versus features, one brand’s reputation for quality versus another or simply provided some details on one of the newest models. After, if you mentioned to them that they could find these items and more on your website, they might be more appreciative and responsive.

This is a much better approach than jumping in and out of conversations regardless of their topic and simply saying they can get crazy deals at your URL. The same attitude is true for forums. People will pay attention to helpful posts more than “spam”, and as you post more, you might become an expert to many people needing an opinion they can trust. Also, some forums will remove your posts if too many users complain. So, just think about your forum behavior as you would in person behavior and you should easily be able to join new forum communities to help provide traffic to your website for free.

3) Create a Free Blog to Help Build Traffic to Your Website

If you already have a well indexed website, it is easy to add a link to your ecommerce store to help initiate indexing and natural traffic. However, for many new dropship resellers, their website might be their first attempt at an online presence. Getting inbound links to your website is important and content is crucial for natural SEO, such as forum links. A blog is another easy way to accomplish both. You can use free blog services from Google (https://www.blogger.com/start) or even upgrade to powerful blogging platforms like WordPress.

A blog allows for an online platform to easily write articles, add content and create links to websites, such as your new ecommerce dropship business. If you are unsure of what to write about, think about ways to help people find products on your website. What search terms would people looking for your products use?  What products are people looking for? You could do a new post to your blog each week. Think about the brands that are on your website and tell readers more about them.

From this page, you can use the blog tool to link to the page on your website that shows these brands. Do you have a popular category for Bluetooth items, DVD Players, Silk Flowers, Beer Pong Tables, etc.? Tell us about this category, some of the product features, how they are used and link back to that category or individual products on your website. Did you get an alert about new products that have been added to your website? Write a few details about this new item, why someone would want it or how it is used. Another easy approach is to write a blog post that simply compares two items like “iPod Nano vs Microsoft Zune: Which MP3 Player is Better?” or “Which is the Best Digital Camera Brand: Sony or Fuji?”.

A post comparing a few products or brands allows you to easily talk about the different features of the two products as well link to multiple pages of your website. It allows you to help guide a potential customer to the product they need, and shoppers will often purchase from the site that helped them select the item they needed. If a customer knows the exact product they want, they might simply pick a product by price from a shopping comparison engine. However, most people use search engines to ask questions and learn more.

If your post tells people about how to make a particular cocktail and then have links back to the bar supply products used for this purpose, you can help encourage an instant purchase. A blog gives you an easy way to add content that can be indexed by a search engine. It allows you to help inform the public about the items you sell and how they are used to help encourage direct purchases. Most important, the blog is an easy way for you to control inbound links to important pages on your website with relevant content.

4) Edit and Improve the Content for Your Wholesale Dropship Products

With the automated data solutions from Inventory Source, you can have the products load to your website with the content directly from the supplier. While we have improved many of the description options and other product values, there are still some easy ways to help improve your traffic to your site and to convert sales. The suppliers buy the products and ship them, and the value you add as a reseller is to help sell these items. However, some resellers never spend time improving some of the product details to help sell the items more efficiently.

You can start small. Pick five items a week from your wholesale dropship website. Look at the title and the description. You might be able to add more details on the product or more information about how it is used. You can add some content about the brand. You can talk about how it is the newest model in some line of great products or simply just add a few lines about how this brand and product are what you personallyuse.

By adding just a couple lines to a few dropship products, you can improve the relevancy of your website and product pages and improve your natural search rank. You are creating new content to get indexed by the search engines, you will begin to have more relevant content then other resellers of the same product and you will be able to provide more information to your customers about the item to help convert a sale. Most of the titles and descriptions from your supplier will be great, but improving just five products a week can begin to have an impact.

Do not wait for your supplier to always hand you the most detailed content. This is not their area of expertise, but this is a great way for you to add value to the supply chain for your dropship products. You can focus on new products, products you are familiar with or the products that you place on sale or feature on the main page of your site. This task will only take you a few minutes a week, but will begin to pay dividends for years for your dropship website.

5) Meta Tags

Meta tags are HTML tags that help you control how some search engines may index your site by using the keywords and descriptions you provide. The three basic meta tag components are the main site title, description and key words. The keyword and description meta tags that you include in the HTML of your pages, provide information to search engines that will not be displayed by web browsers, but often display in some search results. Keywords are the search terms your visitor enters into the search box when trying to find your site.

It is very difficult to get high rankings based on keywords, so don’t get too involved with keywords. Instead, you need to think about key phrases. The easiest way to do this is to ask yourself, friends and family what words they would give a search engine when looking for your site and by searching for sites with similar content to what you have. You do not need to have an exhaustive list of keywords or a length title or description. They should be brief and relevant to your website. Each shopping cart platform has different steps for adding these tags, so you would want to check with your how to guide or follow up with your website platform support for details on how to add the main site tags to your ecommerce dropship store.

If you do not think twice about rising and repeating with shampoo, why would you not take the same approach to improving the natural search rank of your wholesale dropship product reseller website? During the first few months of your site, you do not need to spend a large marketing budget to generate traffic. Just spend a few minutes each day or each week trying to make small improvements to your website and its natural search capabilities. You can work on adding inbound traffic with links and forum posts.

You can add to the content and relevant links coming from your blog or even post appropriate links to your site with comments on other blogs. Moreover, when looking at your website, seek out a few products each week to see if you can add any additional terms or phrases to the descriptions to help sell the item, differentiate your listings from other resellers or add terms that will be important in search results. These are just a few examples of some basic efforts that you can apply to help your website stand out from the crowd, generate natural and direct traffic and help convert your traffic to new sales as you grow your online wholesale dropship website.

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