Weekly Retail Roundup – January 25, 2019

Our Weekly Retail Roundup consists of all the latest news, trends and insights in the ecommerce and retail industries.

This Week:

Apple Pay’s US Expansion Will Fuel Mobile Payment Turf Wars
Ecommerce Times
Apple on Tuesday announced more large retailers will accept Apple Pay: Target, Taco Bell, Hy-Vee supermarkets in the Midwest, Speedway convenience stores, and the Jack in the Box fast food chain. With those additions, 74 of the top 100 merchants in the United States, and 65 percent of all retail locations across the country, now support Apple Pay, the company said.

10 Video Marketing Statistics for 2019 [Infographic]
If video marketing is the future, then the future is here. You’re at the right place if you’ve been wondering whether it’s worth putting your mind and money into video marketing. Do you have enough resources to create videos? Are enough people in your target audience interested in videos? And in the end, will it be worth the effort? In short: yes.

How To Source Trendy Niche Products That Will Sell
Sourcing trending niche products is an excellent way to take your eCommerce business to new heights. However, not every niche product is quite the same no matter how unique or trendy it is. The process of choosing products that truly sell involves a bit more than simply picking items that look good.

How to mix technology and the human touch for a winning retail strategy
Get Elastic
There are several trends driving retail store growth that are proving brick-and-mortar can succeed in a digital world. Today’s consumers are craving authentic experiences to complement their digital realms. The impact of converging physical and digital shopping experiences has never been more of a priority for retailers than this year.

How well are retailers around the world serving online shoppers?
Digital Commerce 360
​Today’s consumers push the boundaries of retail more than ever before. Shoppers’ needs and expectations continue to grow. So, on a global basis what does the retail landscape look like? Are retailers keeping up with customer expectations on key growth topics like e-commerce, omnichannel retailing, mobile commerce and social selling? Is retail really on track? What is the state of global commerce today?