Weekly Retail Roundup – February 15, 2019

Our Weekly Retail Roundup consists of all the latest news, trends and insights in the ecommerce and retail industries.

This Week:

SEO: 9 Tips for Writing Great Content
Practical Ecommerce
Textual content enables search engines to understand your site. The words you choose should engage shoppers and boost your site’s relevance to the keywords and phrases that consumers search for. If creating articles, blog posts, product descriptions, and other textual content strikes fear into your heart, try some of these tips to make writing easier, more engaging, and more optimal for natural search performance.

What are the keys to a better shopping cart experience?
Ecommerce Nation
Getting a better shopping cart experience is a straightforward challenge. This is one of the most delicate stages in the process of making a purchase, and therefore most e-commerce makes numerous mistakes, such as forcing their users to register and lengthening checkout processes in excess. Did you know that the percentage of abandoned shopping carts is around 50% and 80%, according to a ReadyCloud report?

5 Steps to a Successful Email Drip Campaign
Practical Ecommerce
Emails sent automatically and on a schedule are an effective way of communicating with your customers and prospects. Sometimes referred to as drip or nurture campaigns, automated emails target consumers based on their actions. For example, when customers or prospects sign up for your newsletter, they can receive a welcome email followed by another a week later with an offer. The potential combinations of automated emails and content are considerable. In this post, I’ll discuss the steps to set up a successful drip campaign.

How I instill trust on my ecommerce site
Practical Ecommerce
I try to make it easy for shoppers to purchase and rent decor from my ecommerce site. But many retailers — online and multichannel — fail at this. Their sites are often difficult. In this post, I will discuss my six priorities to instill trust and make shopping easy. Merchants lose thousands of dollars (maybe tens of thousands) by not listing a physical address and phone number on their “contact us” page. Email fields alone are not sufficient.

Should your online business open a pop‑up shop?
Internet Retailer
Short-term leases on retail spaces offer online retailers an opportunity to bring their products to a wider audience. Offer cool technology or exclusive events and a pop-up store can generate excitement for your brand. In May 2018 Blue Apron, the meal kit service that launched dozens of look-alike subscription services, announced a national series of pop-up stores to celebrate the perks of “home cooking.” A move to promote the brand’s services to a wider audience, the pop-up events were the first for the ingredient and recipe delivery service.

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