Top 10 Sales and Conversion Shopify Apps For 2019

It’s one of the most common questions we hear from those who just opened their first ecommerce store – “I am getting traffic to my site, but why don’t I have any sales?” Luckily in today’s time of surging technological solutions, there are apps for that – or at least to help get your store going in the right direction. Below, I put together a list of the top 10 sales and conversion Shopify apps for 2019.

1. Trust Hero – Trust Badges – Free

Features Highlight:

    • Adds trust badges to your website
    • Compatible with most theme

One of the easiest yet most overlooked aspects of your online store are trust badges. The app above is a quick, free way to integrate trust badges automatically into your Shopify store on your product pages. When a potential customer visits your site, they are more likely to make a purchase if they know there’s a safe checkout process in place, especially if they are on the fence. It certainly doesn’t hurt.

2. Sticky Cart by Uplinkly – Free Option Available


Features Highlight:

  • Optimized Add-To-Cart button
  • Keeps the buy option “above-the-fold”

If you’re familiar with website design, or even if you aren’t, you may have heard of the term “above the fold”. What this means is that your call-to-action (what you want the customer to do) is always viewable on the screen, even if they scroll. This app above ensures your “Add to Cart” button is always above the fold, which in turn can lead to higher sales and conversions. There is not only a free option, but also a $9/mo option to unlock more advanced features.

3. Ultimate Sales Boost – Free Option Available

Features Highlight:

  • Add countdown timers/stock countdowns
  • Display trust badges and social proof pop ups
  • Create promotions on checkout flows

This app is probably one of the most all-encompassing sales and conversion apps you can add to your Shopify store. With Ultimate Sales Boost, you can create countdown timers on your products to help create a sense of urgency among your potential customers. You can also add trust badges, inventory coundowns and social proof with purchase popups. This app does have a free plan available, but to access the full set of features and customizations, the $9.99/mo or $29.99/mo plan is required.

4. Frequently Bought Together – Free Trial Available

Features Highlight:

  • Upsell and bundle products
  • Automatic related recommendations

This app automatically adds a “Frequently Bought Together” section on your product pages allowing you to upsell more products. This in turn makes it more likely for a customer to buy more than one item – similar to what you see on Amazon when viewing a product. While there is no free option available, they do offer a free 30 day trial and after it is only a small $6.99/mo to utilize.

5. ‑ Gift Cards & Loyalty – Free Trial Available

Features Highlight:

  • Offer and sell gift cards
  • Create reward and loyalty programs
  • Ability to issue store credit

This app is a great way to not only boost sales, but to also improve customer retention and loyalty. By creating gift cards available to purchase as well as reward/loyalty programs, you are giving your customers more incentives to purchase from you. It also allows you to issue returns with store credit/gift cards as opposed to just reloading their debit or credit card. There is a 7 day free trial option, but pricing starts at $12.49/mo after that has run out.

6. Justuno Pop Ups & Exit Offers – Free Option Available

Features Highlight:

  • Create email/promotional pop ups and push notifications
  • Add countdown timers and spin-to-wins
  • Ability to target specific visitors and actions

Pop ups are a great way to engage potential customers while they are viewing or exiting your site. This app allows you to target visitors based on behavior and source with sales and discounts to drive more sales and increase order volume. It also allows you to add countdown timers, email pop ups, exit offers, spin-to-wins and push notifications. There is a free option available up to 5,000 monthly visitors.

7. Discounted Pricing – Free Trial Available

Features Highlight:

  • Create email/promotional pop ups and push notifications
  • Add countdown timers and spin-to-wins
  • Ability to target specific visitors and actions

A more unique way to generate more sales and conversions is to offer discounted pricing through quantity break offers, and this app allows you to do just that! You can customize your pricing breaks through the app to incentivize potential customers to increase their order volume and complete a sale. This app offers a 7 day free trial, but after the trial the basic plan is $19.99/mo.

8. Abandonment Protector – Free Trial Available

Features Highlight:

  • Create pop ups and email workflows
  • Target abandoned carts

Email marketing is incredibly important when trying to obtain sales and repeat customers, especially when it comes to abandoned carts. This app allows you to reduce abandoned checkouts by creating targeted pop ups and email sequences to bring those visitors back to your store to complete their order. There is a 30 day free trial available, but after the trial is completed, it’s only $8/mo.

9. Product Reviews – Free

Features Highlight:

  • Easily create and customize product reviews
  • Always free and works well with most themes

An easy way to help gain your store visitors’ trust is to include product reviews with the items you are selling. This is a great and free app provided by Shopify to be able to add and fully customize product reviews, which in turn can increase sales of the reviewed products. There is no paid option for this app – it is free forever!

10. Smart Search & Instant Search – Free Option Available

Features Highlight:

  • Add smart search with automatic suggestions, autocorrect and more
  • Create customized filters on the search results page

By having a dynamic smart search integrated into your online store, you can make the customer experience incredibly easy and fluid – leading to more sales. This app allows you to personalize CDN search with suggestions, autocorrect, redirects, stopwords and more. You can even customize the search results page with filters, quick view and add-to-cart options. There is a free option available, but for more than 25 products, you will have to pay $9/mo.