Weekly Retail Roundup – April 5, 2019

Our Weekly Retail Roundup consists of all the latest news, trends and insights in the ecommerce and retail industries.

This Week:

Facebook Video Marketing Guide for 2019
Send your ROI skyward with our complete guide to Facebook video ads. It’s fully loaded with tested strategies, step-by-step instructions, and experimental data to help you master Facebook marketing.

10 best examples of product descriptions that actually sell
Ecommerce Nation
When you want to be able to turn your business into an eCommerce superpower, it pays to see how some of the biggest brands in the world go about selling their products. Users will make up their minds whether to continue reading within 5 seconds of landing on your page. So you need to use every trick in the book to ensure you capture as many people as you can in that short window of time.

Why Walgreens will invest $300 million in ecommerce and digital healthcare
Digital Commerce 360
Overall, Walgreens will invest over $1 billion over the next several years in various ways to grow a retail business anchored in digital healthcare. If Walgreen Boots Alliance Inc.. hasn’t made it clear yet that its future lies in leveraging ecommerce and digital healthcare to turn its retail drugstores into virtual healthcare malls, that certainly is clear now.

4 steps to create a unified ecommerce strategy
Get Elastic
Just when marketers solve one problem, another rears its head. Multichannel commerce is presenting marketers with a whole new raft of challenges. Ensuring consistent messaging across many channels is one thing, but doing so while dynamically pricing, generating contextual bundles and creating promotions personalized to a segment of one is quite another.

Walmart Lets Customers Use Google Assistant to Voice-Order Groceries
Ecommerce Times
“This announcement is huge,” said Ray Wang, principal analyst at Constellation Research. “Google Assistant is the best voice assistant in the market,” he told the E-Commerce Times. It’s “10 times better than Alexa. For all the users of Android phones — about 2.3 billion around the world — the language training is best in class. And they aren’t going to use Amazon.”

4 Online Merchandising Hacks to Increase Profits
Practical Ecommerce
A recent study by Coresight Research revealed that 40 percent of U.S. non-grocery sales are at a discount, representing roughly $395 billion in lost revenue, or 12 percent of sales. Retailers seek to avoid markdowns and sell out of the season at full margin, but it isn’t easy to predict how much inventory to acquire. Merchants often complain about over-buying (resulting in markdowns) and under-buying (resulting in out-of-stocks). Both stem from demand volatility and long supply chains.

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