Introducing CBD Supply by US Direct

Have you been waiting for the right opportunity to enter the CBD industry? 

This is it.

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, CBD sales have drastically increased and continue to do so. Industry analysts expect the US CBD market to reach $20 billion in sales by 2024.

There is already a wide range of CBD merchandise available to online merchants, and the industry continues to consistently introduce new products. The key to entering the market and differentiating yourself from the competition is to offer only high-quality goods.

Created to help you sell more, CBD Supply by US Direct gives you instant, pre-approved access to a single product catalog sourced from several CBD dropshipping suppliers.

The CBD suppliers in this catalog sell a wide range of CBD products, from pet supplies to health and wellness products. Because you don’t have to purchase the items you list for sale, you can expand your catalog for your prospective customers. 

You’ll also have access to product data and images to automatically display product information according to your store’s theme.

Connect Your Existing Online Store

Utilize Inventory Source to integrate CBD Supply by US Direct to one of many supported ecommerce platforms. Then, use Inventory Source’s dropship automation tools to manage and grow your business.

Once you purchase an integration plan with Inventory Source, you can automatically upload and sync products directly from CBD Supply to your ecommerce platform. 

When your customers place orders, the orders will automatically move through your Inventory Source order manager. After capturing payment, US Direct will fulfill orders on your behalf from CBD Supply partners, and shipment tracking information will be uploaded to your ecommerce platform.

To get started selling CBD using Inventory Source, you’ll need to create a free Inventory Source account. Before adding your first integration, choose and set up your sales platform. Here’s a list of our supported sales channels. Keep in mind that some platforms and most marketplaces prohibit the sale of CBD products, so check the fine print before deciding. Once you’re ready to get started, follow the steps below to add an integration:

  • Navigate to the Supplier Directory
  • Click “Add Integration” on the left-side panel
  • Select CBD Supply by US Direct as your supplier and select your sales channel
  • Select which plan you wish to purchase (CBD Supply requires a Full Automation plan)
  • Review the details before adding a payment method and confirming your purchase
  • Follow the five-step onboarding process

Ready to get in on the ground floor and build an online CBD business that will last by differentiating yourself with superior-quality products?

Create a free Inventory Source account to browse the CBD Supply catalog and integrate it with your online store platform.