Top 18 Women’s Dropshipping Clothes Suppliers of 2024

Women's Dropshipping Clothes Suppliers

What is Dropshipping and Its Advantages?

Dropshipping is a business model where you sell products without holding inventory. When a customer places an order in your store, you pass the order details to dropshipping clothes suppliers or dropshipping clothing suppliers who then ship the products directly to the customer. This method reduces overhead costs significantly since there’s no need to pre-purchase or store merchandise. 

It allows for a wide selection, from everyday wear to designer clothes, without investing in large quantities. The advantages of a dropshipping ecommerce business include lower financial risk, flexibility to test and expand product lines, and the ability to scale quickly without complications related to inventory and shipping. This model is especially beneficial for those looking to start or expand their clothing dropshippers business efficiently.
The Growing Trend in Women’s Clothing Dropshipping. 

The fashion industry of women’s clothing is reshaping the market as the demand is growing gradually. In the year 2024, the revenue of the women’s apparel industry is said to be US$358.70 billion.

  • Increasing Popularity – Women’s clothing has been popular in every season and the ecommerce industry has been thriving because of this. This rise in the market gives a great opportunity to clothing dropshippers to put out fashionable clothing. This is done without the need for physical inventory. 
  • Benefits for Entrepreneurs – Dropshipping allows entrepreneurs to start an ecommerce business with minimal upfront investment. The financial risk is less when there is no inventory stocking. Also with the lower operational cost, it makes a good option for new and established business owners. 
  • Variety and Flexibility – Working with dropshipping clothing suppliers gives retailers access to a range of women’s clothing items. You can get all types of clothing ranging from everyday wear to special garments. This variety ensures that businesses can offer fresh and trendy options to their customers regularly.
  • Ease of Scaling – Dropshipping provides a great option to scale. As demand increases, retailers can easily add more products to their offerings without worrying about storage space or large quantities of unsold stock.
  • Global Reach – Through dropshipping ecommerce business models, retailers can market and sell women’s clothing to customers worldwide. This global reach is facilitated by suppliers who handle the fulfillment process, allowing businesses to focus more on marketing and customer service.
  • Focus on Marketing and Sales – With logistics and inventory management handled by wholesale dropshippers of clothing, store owners can devote more time and resources to crafting effective marketing strategies and enhancing customer engagement.

Top 18 Women’s Dropshipping Clothes Suppliers of 2024. 

US Direct

US Direct is a prominent supplier of dropshipping business that has products for all niches. They also dropship women’s clothing and collectively cover a vast product category of more than 22900 products. US Direct operates within the continent of the United States which ensures fast shipping directly from the US. They support sales on platforms like Amazon but not on eBay. With no minimum order requirements and a public catalog, they make it easy and efficient to supply a diverse range of women’s apparel to your customers.

CC Wholesale Clothing was established in 2009 in Los Angeles, California. They dropship women’s clothing and apparel of different kinds and types. A family-run business that transitioned from running retail stores to an exclusive online platform in 2010. CC Wholesale Clothing offers a range of high-quality, fashionable women’s apparel, including regular and plus sizes, as well as jewelry, accessories, and beauty products. They ensure that the latest styles are available at competitive prices and are regularly updated on their website.

Wholesale Clothing Deals 

Wholesale Clothing Deals (WCD) is a prominent marketplace that specializes in the latest women’s fashion. Offering a wide variety of clothing categories including Tops, Bottoms, Dresses, Outerwear, and Plus Size, WCD caters to diverse fashion needs. They simplify the buying experience with their dropship and services, allowing wholesale buyers to operate without large inventory overheads. Each buyer benefits from a dedicated account manager, ensuring a seamless and supportive buying and selling process.


Doba is a leading dropshipping platform that connects retailers with wholesale suppliers, making it easy to find and sell products, including women’s clothing. With no minimum order requirement and the ability to ship worldwide from the USA, Doba is ideal for businesses of all sizes. They offer a vast range of categories, but their apparel, fashion, and jewelry section is particularly beneficial for those focusing on women’s clothing, providing endless options for every season and style.

Great Deal Distribution 

Great Deal Distribution, based in Miami, Florida, specializes in a range of women’s clothing including shapewear, swimwear, activewear, and lingerie. As an import and export company, they not only manufacture and wholesale various clothing brands but also provide seamless ecommerce fulfillment with options for dropshipping and synchronized inventory feeds. They offer a robust selection of high-quality, individually packed items with no minimum order requirements, ensuring immediate shipment once your account is activated. 



1Mag is revolutionizing the dropshipping market for women’s high-end designer fashion by offering a vast inventory of luxury brands such as Prada, Gucci, and Chloé. With over $750 million in designer goods, 1Mag enables customers to access a wide range of luxury items without the need for substantial inventory. They prioritize authenticity, with each product being directly sourced from brands and meticulously inspected to ensure its authenticity. This commitment helps build customer trust and loyalty, setting 1Mag apart in the e-commerce landscape.

365 in Love by US Direct

365 in Love by US Direct

365 In Love by 365 Printing Inc. is a renowned supplier known for its unique range of couple-themed products. They have gained popularity as one of the top sellers on Amazon, especially for their women’s clothing line. Their offerings include creatively designed couple shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, and hoodies. 365 In Love prioritizes customer engagement and believes in spreading happiness through its products, making every day with your partner more memorable. They are dedicated to giving back to the community, further spreading the love they foster among couples.

Sunrise Wholesale Merchandise


Sunrise Wholesale Merchandise LLC, established in 1999, specializes in dropshipping high-quality women’s clothing such as hats, woolen hats, and scarves, available in various materials and colors. With nearly two decades of experience, they have become a trusted partner in the dropshipping industry, providing access to over 10,224 products from top brands. They support integrations with major platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, eBay, and Amazon, making them a reliable choice for expanding your online clothing business.

Onlihub by US Direct 

Onlihub by US Direct is a B2B platform that connects direct-to-consumer and private-label brands with online retailers across the USA. Specializing in women’s clothing among other categories, it allows seamless dropshipping transactions without a minimum order requirement. This supplier supports sales through Amazon but not eBay, offering a catalog that includes top brands with flat-rate shipping based on weight. Onlihub streamlines the process of sourcing high-quality fashion items for online retail, ensuring quick delivery and predictable costs.

Savoy Active

Savoy Active, based in Los Angeles, California, crafts high-end women’s activewear that beautifully combines technology with style. Designed in Italy, their clothing features cutting-edge materials and sophisticated designs that enhance both function and fashion. The apparel includes strategic ventilation and slimming panels to ensure a perfect fit, contouring the body while maintaining comfort. Ideal for various activities, from yoga to running, Savoy Active offers versatile pieces that allow wearers to look great while staying active. 

Wonder Wink CID

dropship WonderWink

Wonder Wink CID has revolutionized the world of women’s scrubs by blending tradition with innovation. Their dedicated team has transformed uniforms into a fashion statement with meticulous attention to fit, finish, details, and vibrant colors. Committed to creativity and passion, they work tirelessly, from designing to sewing, ensuring each piece not only meets but exceeds expectations. Wonder Wink CID’s scrubs are designed to change how you feel about workwear, making every uniform embody both comfort and style.

Wholesale for Everyone


A part of Nella Cosa Corporation since 2000, specializes in providing a vast selection of wholesale items at competitive prices. Though known for its diverse product range, including everything from bandanas to batteries, their offerings also extend to women’s clothing. Ideal for bulk buyers, they ensure affordability across their catalog. Additionally, they offer custom printing on apparel like t-shirts and caps, perfect for promotional events or corporate sponsorships. With options for individual or bulk purchases, caters to a variety of customer needs with a 30-day guarantee on purchases.



Established in 1997, is a prominent leader in women’s designer accessories, specializing in handbags, footwear, small leather goods, and jewelry. With over twenty years of experience, they excel in designing, manufacturing, and distributing high-quality products. Their team collaborates closely with fashion brands, offering tailored services that include innovative promotional gifts and specialized packaging to enhance brand visibility. Operating from their New York City headquarters, Showroom35 hosts seasonal showcases in dedicated showrooms, where they display the latest collections and strengthen brand partnerships.

Maevn Uniforms

Maevn Uniforms has established itself as a leading supplier of women’s medical uniforms by focusing on superior comfort and style. Recognizing a need for better-fitting, fashionable scrubs, their CEO initiated a commitment to innovate the traditional, uncomfortable options available to healthcare professionals. For seven years, Maevn has been dedicated to excellence in quality, customer service, and reliability. They continue to serve medical uniform retailers and healthcare workers, aiming to be the preferred choice for women’s medical apparel with a promise of integrity and transparency.


Founded by Heath Burchinal in 2017, is a unique hunting lifestyle brand that blends stylish, contemporary designs with the spirit of hunting. Located in Southern Utah, a hub for trophy deer and elk hunting, RakAdx offers women’s clothing that is both fashionable and functional. The brand excels in creating high-quality apparel featuring urban, patriotic, and outdoor graphics, ideal for any occasion—from outdoor adventures to casual outings. With a commitment to exceptional customer service and a satisfaction guarantee, RakAdx ensures a premium shopping experience for all outdoor enthusiasts.


Curveez began in 2000 when its founder, starting with just $400 and a catalog of intimates sold from her garage, embarked on an entrepreneurial journey marked by challenges and self-doubt. After discovering the transformative power of shapewear at a fair in Colombia in 2006, she saw its potential to boost confidence, especially for plus-size women. This insight led to the rebranding of her business as Curveez Group in 2007, focusing on inclusive, sophisticated women’s clothing. Two decades later, Curveez continues to empower women worldwide, distributing their innovative intimates and shapewear globally.


VKY & Co is a premier supplier specializing in women’s apparel, offering a wide range of sizes from XS to 3X. Dedicated to blending style with comfort, their products range from dresses and tops to pants and jumpsuits, all designed to cater to women’s needs for fashion that fits and flatters. Proudly made and shipped from Miami, Florida, VKY & Co ensures each piece is crafted with love. They are particularly noted for their expertise in Plus, Maternity, and Missy clothing. As a key part of Xstyle Corp, VKY & Co excels in creating new styles quickly to keep up with fast-changing fashion trends.

Fashion Dealer

FashionDealer is a B2B ecommerce platform that offers exclusive access to discounted designer women’s clothing and other luxury items through flash sales. Originally a boutique for authentic branded products, FashionDealer now connects fashion professionals to high-quality, original designer apparel at greatly reduced prices. They prioritize negotiating fast delivery terms to ensure retailers can meet their customers’ expectations without delay. This commitment makes FashionDealer an ideal partner for businesses looking to source fashionable, designer women’s clothing efficiently.
Criteria for Selecting Top Suppliers

When choosing the best women’s dropshipping clothes suppliers, there are several important aspects to consider. These factors ensure that the supplier will meet the needs of your business and your customers effectively.

Quality of Products

The quality of clothing is crucial because it directly affects customer satisfaction. High-quality products are less likely to be returned and can lead to repeat customers. It is important to choose suppliers who provide clothes that are well-made and durable. This means checking the fabric, stitching, and overall craftsmanship of the items the supplier offers.

Variety and Trends

A good supplier should offer a wide variety of clothing styles. This includes having options for different tastes and body types, which helps attract and keep a diverse customer base. Equally important is their ability to stay up-to-date with current fashion trends. Suppliers who regularly update their inventory with trendy items can help your store stay relevant and appealing.

Shipping Efficiency

The efficiency of shipping is vital in dropshipping. Suppliers must be able to ship products quickly and reliably. Fast shipping speeds enhance customer satisfaction and can set your business apart from competitors. Check if the supplier offers tracking information and supports multiple shipping options to cater to different needs and budgets.

Customer Service

Excellent customer service from your supplier is essential for handling any issues that arise, such as delays, defects, or inventory problems. Good suppliers are responsive and helpful, ensuring that operations run smoothly and issues are resolved quickly. This support is invaluable in maintaining a positive reputation for your business.

Cost and Pricing Structure

Finally, the cost and pricing structure of suppliers is a key factor. The supplier must offer competitive prices that allow your dropshipping business to be profitable. Analyze their pricing strategies, including discounts for bulk purchases and any additional fees. A supplier with a transparent pricing model can help you manage costs effectively and price your products competitively.
Importance of Selecting the Right Dropshipping Clothing Suppliers for Business Success. 

Choosing the right wholesale dropshippers clothing suppliers is important for the success of any online clothing business. When you select a supplier, you are not just choosing products; you are also selecting a partner for your business. To maintain customer satisfaction the supplier will ensure the best quality products that will encourage repeat business. 

The suppliers manage the inventory and ship products directly to your customers, which means that the speed and reliability of their service directly affect your business reputation. Furthermore, working with suppliers who specialize in niches such as sports apparel wholesale can give your business a competitive edge. These suppliers often have a deep understanding of the market trends and can provide products that are in demand, allowing you to cater to specific customer segments more effectively. 

In conclusion, the success of your dropshipping business heavily depends on the suppliers you choose. It is essential to select suppliers who are not only reliable but also aligned with your business goals and customer needs. Taking the time to carefully choose the right wholesale dropshippers for clothing and sports apparel can set the foundation for a successful, sustainable business.

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