Facebook Groups: The Ultimate Guide to eCommerce Facebook Groups That Drive Your Business

You can find the answer to any question you want on the internet. What’s much harder to find is a group of intelligent, helpful people who have done exactly what you’re trying to do: grow a budding internet business into a thriving funnel of passive income.

Fortunately, many other people are looking for the same thing. The beginners are looking for advice on what to do next and the veterans are looking to share the knowledge they’ve accumulated. Ultimately, we all crave a community that can help us improve our businesses.

We’ve compiled seven of the best ecommerce Facebook groups every internet entrepreneur should belong to. The simplest thing you can do is be a spectator, passively watching the conversations occur. If you’re more daring, these are the perfect environments to get feedback on your work and solicit help from people who have already conquered the troubles you’re experiencing. These are NOT places to solicit new business, these are places to help you with the day to day challenges of being an internet entrepreneur.

1) FBA Wholesale Community

This is a group of wholesalers, many using Amazon, who share ideas and ask bounce questions off of each other. This group has a nifty #tipoftheday or #questionoftheday that keeps the community active and gets new members learning quick.

2) CopyMonk

Ecommerce veterans know that one of the fastest ways to improve conversions on your site by having compelling content. By joining a group like CopyMonk, you can learn tips, tricks, and best practices for creating high performing copy.

3) The Cult of Copy Colosseum

This is a group in which users submit their copy to the “colosseum” to have it critiqued. Warning: this group is not for everyone. Be willing to receive brutal, honest feedback if you decide to join. If you can endure the tough love, your conversion rate with thank you.

4) The eCommerce Group

This group acts like a feed of interesting scenarios, articles, and other user generated content helpful to those engaged in ecommerce. This group is interactive and is made up of a mix of newbies as well as experienced business people.

5) Digital Marketing Questions

The name is pretty self-explanatory. Questions from users range from ways to get started freelancing in web design to more technical questions about Google Analytics scripts and everything in between. The responses to each question vary, so be sure to do your research before blindly taking someone’s advice.

6) Video Marketing Group

Video marketing is a fantastic way to create content, however it is severely under-utilized. This group discusses the methods of creating videos and tactics for promoting video content. There appear to be a number of users who are well-versed in SEO that are also a part of this group which is helpful when discussing the results of new videos.

7) Internet Marketing Super Friends

This is a great forum for people with questions all over the board. Some are about best email opt-in practices, others are about choosing new platforms, and still some are on brand direction and storytelling. This is a massive group chocked full of useful content.

*NOTE: There are thousands of ecommerce Facebook groups that can be helpful. These are the top ones we’ve found that will allow you to join without having to purchase anything, sign up for a course, or wait for a month to be added to the group. If you find a new group that is helpful in your entrepreneurial venture, we’d love to hear about it in the comments.

This is a post about ecommerce Facebook groups for internet marketers, true. But it’s important to know that many SEO/SEM, social media, and internet marketing professionals prefer to spend their time using other social media channels. Some LinkedIn groups are a bit more exclusive, but they can also be packed with a higher level of conversation. Here is a quick list of our favorite LinkedIn Groups to learn more about eCommerce Marketing.