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When it comes to operating a wholesale dropship or mixed dropship business, website owners are always focused on getting customers to buy their products. This is of course a natural, if not vital, goal for any ecommerce website.  However, imagine if there was a way to get your customers to not just buy, but also help sell your products or bring in more customers.

Happy customers can be converted into a powerful sales team by posting their comments or reviews on your site or your newsletters.  Customers like to know they are not the first to shop on your site and that other customers have had positive experiences. Customer-specific content can make it easier to sell your wholesale dropship products online.

Why Invest in Customer-Driven Sales?

You can find many best-selling dropshipping products online that can bring sales and profit but investing in customer-driven sales is a strategic move that will give multiple benefits for businesses.

  • Firstly, it proves to be highly cost-effective when compared to the expenses associated with acquiring new customers. Encouraging loyalty and referrals from existing satisfied customers not only minimizes acquisition costs but also builds a more sustainable customer base.
  • Customer-driven sales contribute to increased conversion rates. Loyal customers, having established trust in your brand, are more likely to make repeat purchases, thereby boosting overall sales as some of them are top selling dropshipping products. This trust is a crucial asset, as customers who believe in the brand become reliable sources of revenue.
  • Transforming customers into brand supporters is another compelling reason to invest in customer-driven sales. Brand support involves turning satisfied customers into proactive promoters, and expanding the reach of your products through word-of-mouth marketing. This organic promotion can significantly enhance brand visibility and credibility in the market.
  • Lastly, a focus on customer-driven sales results in improved customer lifetime value. By nurturing deeper relationships with customers, businesses can enjoy not only repeat business but also higher average order values, ultimately contributing to sustained growth and profitability. Investing in customer-driven sales is a strategic choice that pays off in terms of efficiency, loyalty, and long-term business success. Hence, you can pay complete attention to the best dropshipping products to sell online.

Building a Community of Brand Champions

In ecommerce, building a community of brand champions is a powerful strategy to amplify your dropship products. This can be done through external content blogs, product reviews and customer service reviews explained below.

External Content & Blogs

External Content & Blogs

Not all of the content needs to be listed on your site to help convert your customers to sellers for your products. Blogs are probably best known for their most popular use: as online journals or diaries. Many of you might already have a blog now or have used it in the past. A blog can be an effective marketing tool for any online business. A blog’s conversational tone not only provides a unique opportunity for ecommerce dropship and mix dropship site owners to speak informally and directly to readers, but a blog serves as a platform to talk about products and companies in a way that does not come across as a sales pitch. You can ask your customers about the products or how they like to use them, and these comments or content can be developed in the initial content for your new blog site.

Blogging also can be an opportunity to establish yourself as an online expert by responding to readers’ inquiries and giving advice or reviewing new products. Let your blog be a forum for like-minded shoppers to interact, giving them a place to discuss and recommend products. If you have products to sell on your site, such as the automatically loaded and updated products through, this is a great chance to use a site to tell them more about these products. Your platform might have a blog feature, or you can easily link or reference your site and blog together with banners, content, or links.

A blog can boost your search engine rankings if you provide inbound links to your product and section pages. As a general rule, in order to get the most benefit from your dropship product blog, you should try to keep the content as fresh and original as possible. Naturally, you need to focus on adding value-adding content, not just content to get the biggest impact. If the information is helpful and original, and not just an obvious sales pitch, you will see your dropship ecommerce sites and traffic improve.

Do you sell Dropship PSP or Xbox products? You could create a blog reviewing games, game cheats, or evaluating new hardware components. Do you sell wholesale silk flowers and plants on your site? Why not create content talking about botanical garden supplies or interior design elements helping to promote uses for your product range? You could do something similar with interior design content when selling bedding and bath products. Do you know a lot about some great campsites or hiking trails? Then adding some helpful content to a blog including information or reviews of hunting or outdoor products could help any users selling these same products through an ecommerce site.

Product Reviews or Customer Service Reviews

When a customer looks online for a specific item, they might find it helpful to have the chance to hear from your customers who already own or have experience with that product. You can allow your users the opportunity to write reviews for your products or encourage them to send you comments via email after a product has been delivered.

If your current template or site does not allow for product reviews for your dropship products, then you can easily add some review content to your About Us page or Information Pages. Also, another great option is to go to the actual product page in the admin menu and add the testimonial to the bottom of the description for that product. Although, most shopping cart platforms online today do allow for direct product reviews. If you start this process for some products, especially for your featured products or specials more users are likely to add to this as well.

Empowering Your Customers to Sell

Transforming customers into active patrons can significantly boost sales and brand loyalty. Product knowledge workshops serve as a foundation, providing customers with information about the products and their multitude of benefits. By hosting workshops or webinars, businesses can equip customers with the insights they need to become informed patrons, effectively selling products within their networks.

Co-creation Campaigns

Co-creation campaigns take customer involvement to the next level, inviting them to contribute ideas to product development or design processes. This collaborative approach not only fosters a sense of ownership but also enhances the appeal of the products, making customers more eager to promote them.

Affiliate Marketing Program

Affiliate Marketing Program

Launching an affiliate program lets your happy customers earn commissions for singing the praises of your dropshipping products to sell. By providing unique affiliate links, businesses enable customers to earn commissions on the sales they generate, turning satisfied customers into motivated sales partners.

Social Media Contests and Giveaways

Engaging customers through social media contests and giveaways creates interactive spaces for product promotion. These campaigns not only encourage customer participation but also amplify brand visibility as participants share their experiences with their online communities.

User-generated Content (UGC) Campaigns

User-generated content (UGC) campaigns leverage the authentic voices of customers. Encouraging them to share photos, videos, and reviews transforms satisfied customers into powerful marketing assets, providing social proof and influencing potential buyers.


Emails or general comments from your happy customers (even though you want to keep all of your customers happy with your service, there are always some that are better about reporting their great experiences than others) can be an effective way to promote your products and services.  All of this will help to build customer trust. So when you get emails or voicemails from happy customers, don’t hesitate to post those compliments on your website. Testimonials are the essential way to tell about the best selling dropshipping products on your website.

Choose testimonials that provide specific information about how your customer benefited from your product, such as, “Your GPS product arrived just in time for my trip.  The maps were very detailed, and I was able to explore new trails without fear of getting lost with its very easy to use interface.” as opposed to, “Your GPS product worked great!” You can always post the comment with the first name only or post it without their full site or contact details.  You do not want their email address to appear on your site, and you might not want a link back to their site or business even if you have a URL on record.

It is just important to have the comments on your site so they can be read by your customers, but it is not meant to serve as a “reference” that would tempt other customers to directly contact this customer.  If you did this you might find them quickly change from a “Happy Customer” to a “Disgruntled Customer” quite quickly. If you are new and trying to get the content and “trust promotions” started for your site, then just make sure you directly ask for feedback.  Email your customers a few days after you know the item was received and briefly ask them to let you know their thoughts on your site, shipping service, or the product itself.

You can also ask your friends and family to visit your site and send in comments. This is a natural place to start even if they don’t purchase products on your site, they can still talk about the fast customer response time, design on the site, or the types of products.  Again, because you are not listing the person’s contact details, etc. in full, some very detailed and complementary comments can get added to your site.  There is no reason you need to tell everyone on your site they came from your mother.

To Conclude

Getting customers to buy your products is simple Business 101.  However, to see more growth in traffic and sales, you want to get as much help as you can with your site. Customers can be the source of much of this help for your wholesale dropship ecommerce activities.  Contact clients directly to solicit feedback or give them the options on the site to submit product reviews or comments.  You can also focus on a blog to solicit comments or add additional content about your own site experiences, services, or product information.

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