4 LinkedIn Groups for eCommerce Marketing

As LinkedIn continues to build towards becoming a content publishing network for professionals, the platform’s future has been an increasingly hot topic for debate. However the one thing internet marketers and eCommerce entrepreneurs can agree on is their love and affinity for LinkedIn Groups. These digital communities were one of the first among the “modern social networks” to really gain traction in building a community of business professionals that actively contribute and engage with their peers in these niche forums.

Today, there is no shortage of digital forums for discussion out there. LinkedIn/Facebook Groups Reddit, Quora, and others all seem to attract different audiences for different reasons. Similar to the physical world, everyone has the spot they like to hang out, and it usually has to do with who they else hangs out there. LinkedIn seems to be a top choice for business and “enterprise” professionals given the platform’s genesis and purpose. However with a focus on “Groups” early in LinkedIn’s history it has built a robust platform and active community that has attracted digital marketers, eCommerce experts,”solopreneurs”, and many others seeking to find advice, ideas, and engagement from their industries knowledge leaders.

Below is a quick list of some of our favorite LinkedIn Groups filled with top leaders in digital and social media marketing that can help you gain an edge in you eCommerce business. I would also recommend you check out our Ultimate Guide to eCommerce Facebook Groups, for a list with more eCommerce focused and public groups you can join today.

Our Favorite Ecommerce Marketing LinkedIn Groups:

A) Social Media Marketing 2.1 (77K users)

B) SEO SEM Social Mobile (Digital Search & Internet Marketing) (190K users)

C) Digital Marketing (1M users)

D) Content Strategy (26K users)