TikTok Dropshipping: Everything You Need to Know to Start Dropshipping on TikTok

TikTok Dropshipping

What is TikTok Dropshipping?

As per the definition, TikTok dropshipping is known as a process where you promote your products via tiktok. But you will also need a different dropshipping store to operate or you can build a TikTok shop and upload the products.

If you are planning to go ahead with the second option then there are some mandatory rules to follow. Opening a TikTok shop is not easy but only if you have 1000+ followers then only the option to open the shop becomes visible. Once you have a minimum of 1000 followers, TikTok will approve your account after which, you can integrate your TikTok shop with Shopify, Ecwid or any other platform.

Basically, you upload products on your dropshipping store and then create a strong social media presence around it that convinces people to buy them. In this blog, we will learn how you can conquer TikTok dropshipping.

Can You Dropship on TikTok Shop?

Dropshipping on TikTok shops is a good option since it is as popular as instagram. According to reports, Instagram users spend 17.6 million hours watching reels but on the contrary, viewers spend astonishing 197.8 million hours a day on tiktok. We can clearly see which one of them is winning a battle here. There were times when TikTok was considered a platform for silly videos, weird challenges, and cringe content but currently is the top platform for ecommerce. The trending hashtag #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt is used by people who show products they brought from sellers on tiktok. That hashtag has over 60 billion views.

Here are some crucial TikTok statistics

  • An average TikTok user spends an average of 52 minutes per day.
  • Almost 20% of internet users have tiktok.
  • TikTok has over 1 billion active users.
  • It is the 4th largest social media platform.
  • 90% of TikTok users use the app daily.

If you market entertainment then the chances of success are great but if you market a sales pitch then the success rate can plummet. TikTok is an entertainment app so dropshipping on TikTok shops should be done through the same method.

How does TikTok Dropshipping Work?

The following steps are involved for dropshipping on TikTok shop:

Knowing a Winning Niche or Product

To build a successful TikTok dropshipping store, start by choosing a specific niche or a winning product, like sports equipment. Focusing on a niche is more manageable and effective than trying to create a general store, which can be costly and time-consuming.

Connecting With A Reliable And Trustworthy Dropshipping Supplier

The next step is partnering with a reliable supplier. Some key points of consideration are as follows:

  • Quality and Reliability – Always select suppliers that are reputable and known for top quality products and shipping options.
  • Fast Shipping – Make sure that they offer shipping options.
  • Customer Service – select suppliers that offer the best and supportive customer service with robust return policies.
  • Competitive Pricing – Go for suppliers that offer a great range of products and that too at competitive prices.
  • Positive Reviews – Check for all types of reviews and pay close attention to favorable ones.
  • Reputable Platforms – Use established platforms like Inventory Source and CJDropshipping for their reliable services and product variety.

Setting Up A Dropshipping Store On Shopify Or Another Platform.

Your next step should be to build a dropshipping store and you can select from multiple platforms. You can opt for Shopify as it is considered an all in one platform. They do not offer a free account but a basic plan of $25 per month is to be made. Once integrated, you can start dropshipping on tiktok.

  • Simplicity – Keep your website clean by using white spaces and avoid cluttering it with irrelevant ads or content. Focus visitors’ attention on your products.
  • Ease of Use – Ensure your website is easy to navigate on both desktop and mobile. Study top-performing stores in your niche for design best practices.
  • Legal Matters – Include essential pages like Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, GDPR Compliance, and Refunds and Returns Policy to enhance professionalism and trust.
  • Marketing – Implement marketing apps to boost conversion rates and average order values, such as upsells and bundles. Avoid overwhelming visitors with too many pop-ups and unsolicited messages.

Registering The TikTok Business Account

Signing up for a TikTok account is easy, with options for either a Personal or Business account. It’s recommended to start with a Business account through TikTok Business, as it provides access to additional tools like the Business Creative Hub for creating videos and ads. If you initially choose a Personal account, you can switch to a Business account later.

To apply for a TikTok Shop, you need a Business account and at least 1000 followers. If the Shop feature isn’t visible in your profile, you might not yet qualify. Once eligible, you can integrate your TikTok Shop with your Shopify account, allowing you to manage your shop directly from the Shopify dashboard, similar to other integrations found under the Sales Channel section.

Promoting And Marketing Of Products

Marketing on TikTok involves more than just making and posting a video; it requires a well-planned strategy, which we’ll discuss in this section.

Content Marketing

Like using SEO on Google to boost traffic and sales, TikTok helps businesses connect with audiences through engaging content. Content marketing, especially with short, targeted videos, is effective and budget-friendly for startups. For instance, a short review video about pet supplies that promote cleanliness and health can educate viewers and increase sales. However, this marketing method may take time to significantly boost sales.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is popular on all social media, including TikTok. When dropshippers partner with TikTok influencers who have many followers to promote their products, it can increase visibility and sales. When an influencer posts a video reviewing a product, it often leads to more people wanting the product. However, dropshippers need to be prepared to pay influencers for making and sharing these videos. Despite the cost, the return on investment usually makes it worthwhile.

Paid Ads

When dropshippers on TikTok want quicker results, buying ads is a smart choice. First, they need to set up a business account on TikTok to start using paid ads. TikTok offers various ad types that businesses can select depending on their marketing objectives. They can then create campaigns through the Ad Manager and set a budget for these ads, which helps increase leads and sales.

Apart from paid ads and influencer marketing, you will achieve TikTok organic dropshipping by content marketing and by making entertainment tiktoks on products and promoting them organically.

Fulfill Orders And Provide Excellent Customer Service

Once you receive an order from the TikTok shop, follow these steps:

Receiving Order Information – You will receive order information as soon as the customer places the order. The details included in the information is the shipping address, products ordered, and contact information.

Forwarding Order to Supplier – The information about the order is then forwarded to the supplier. Either manually or automatic redirection is done to ensure the supplier receives every piece of information.

Shipping by Supplier – As the supplier ships the product to the customer, a tracking number is provided.

Communication – This communication is established between the customer and supplier by sending all the required information like confirmation email, tracking number, and other information.

Post-Sale Support – Once the product is received by the customer, post-sales support is important to maintain. Reaching out to the customer with post-sales queries and responding to them is important.

Pros and Cons of Dropshipping on TikTok.

The following table differentiates the pros and cons of dropshipping on tiktok:

FeaturePros Cons
Market ReachAccess to a large, global audience. High engagement rates among younger demographics.A predominantly younger audience, which may not align with all product types.
User EngagementHighly engaging platform with interactive content features like challenges and live streams.Requires constant creativity and trend-following to stay relevant.
AdvertisingDiverse advertising tools tailored for varying marketing goals. Effective targeting options.Can be expensive, especially for highly targeted campaigns. Requires learning TikTok’s specific advertising tools.
Content StyleViral nature of content can lead to rapid brand growth. Informal, creative content resonates well with the audience.The continuous need for high-quality, engaging content can be resource-intensive.
Ease of UseUser-friendly interface. Seamless integration with eCommerce platforms through TikTok Shop.Managing a TikTok business account and ad campaigns can have a steep learning curve.
AnalyticsRobust analytics to track performance and adjust strategies accordingly.Analytics can be overwhelming for beginners and require a detailed understanding to be effective.
Cost EffectivenessPotentially lower marketing costs compared to other platforms due to organic reach.Ad costs can escalate quickly with competitive bidding and scaling campaigns.
Conversion PotentialHigh conversion potential due to engaging formats and direct shopping features.Conversion success highly dependent on trend engagement and content quality.
ScalabilityEasy to scale up operations with effective content and ad strategy. Global reach allows for expansion into new markets.Scalability can be hindered by algorithm changes and platform saturation.
Brand BuildingTikTok can rapidly enhance brand visibility and loyalty through creative storytelling and personal connection with users.Building a long-term, trusted brand exclusively on TikTok is challenging without broader marketing strategies.

Trending Products to Sell on TikTok Dropshipping.

The best dropship products to dropship on TikTok are those that are currently popular, and you can buy at a low cost to sell at a good profit. However, TikTok trends can change very quickly, so you need to act fast to make the most of them.

Items that often sell well in dropshipping include:

  • LED lights, such as strip lights and night lights
  • Beauty products, including makeup, skincare items, and makeup brushes
  • Jewelry and accessories
  • Sunglasses
  • Seasonal items
  • Pet products, like water bottles and food dishes
  • Phone cases

To decide which products might be best for dropshipping on TikTok, think about who your target customers are, how much they might spend, and your cost to source these products. Spending time on TikTok can also help you understand what’s popular and how other dropshippers are successfully selling their products.

Right Marketing or Advertising on TikTok.

Creating an ad on TikTok is easy but learning to create a successful ad is a challenge. Let’s learn about it.

Following the TikTok Format

TikTok differs from other social media platforms as it is especially known for its video captions and subtitles, despite also using vertical video format. Having a caption on the top of the video will help the viewer to understand the explanation of the video.

Stay on the Top of the Trends

TikTok users quickly lose interest in old trends. As an advertiser, you need to stay updated with current trends to keep your brand and products engaging. These trends can include styles like interviews with random people, short educational clips, shocking videos, user-generated content, and novelty items.

Are You Ready to Boost Your Business with TikTok?

Dropshipping on TikTok can be profitable, but success might not come immediately. Understanding how dropshipping operates, growing a dedicated TikTok following, and learning how to go viral can enhance your small business. This blog teaches businesses about TikTok dropshipping, including various marketing strategies, how to get started, and its benefits. It also offers tips to boost sales and profits. Start setting up your TikTok dropshipping store to see the impact. One must report any income from a TikTok dropshipping business on your tax return to stay clear of issues with the IRS.

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