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Crack the Amazon Sales Rank Code

You have been selling on Amazon for a while and you have had a lot of success with some products but half the time you venture out and try to sell new products and you either end up waiting for them to sell for forever or you finally give in and donate them to Goodwill for the tax right off. In your mind you are thinking that if there is a listing for it on Amazon it must sell on a regular basis, right?

Unfortunately this is not necessarily the case. There are over 200 million products on Amazon but just because it’s listed does not mean it is going to sell any time soon.

So what are you supposed to do? Just take a shot in the dark and pray that the products you are buying are going to sell? Of Course Not!

Luckily there are a few tools out there that will help us to figure out a little bit more about the Amazon Sales Rank of the products we want to sell. As long as we can find the Sales Rank of the product we can use these tools did get an idea of how many of this product sell every day.

FBA Toolkit

FBA toolkit


Today we are going to take a look at an online tool called FBA Toolkit. This website allows you to take a products Amazon Sales Rank and plug it into its respective category to see the average daily and monthly sales of the product.The best thing about FBA Toolkit is that they have a free usage plan that will let you look at all the data that you will need until you start needing to track a very high level of Amazon products.

The picture below shows you the interface that allows you to check how many of a particular product are selling per day. If you take a look at the picture below you can see that the product with an Amazon Seller Rank of 1293 in the Toys and Games category averages 18 sales per day. You can also see that a quantity of 17 of this product were sold on the previous day. With this particular product, if you were to price your stock competitively it is likely that you would capture some of those sales .

FBA Toolkit Chart

Another awesome feature that FBA Toolkit has is its Price List Analysis. You have to sign up for a free account to use this feature. This tool allows you to upload a spreadsheet with a list of UPC’s and a list of your cost for those items. After you upload the spreadsheet it will generate a report to help you make decide whether it is worth buying those items or not.


FBA Tool Kit Price Analysis


The third great feature of FBA Toolkit is its Product Tracking tool. Although a product’s Amazon Sales Rank is a great indicator of how well a product sells, it can be deceiving sometimes. For example, say you found a product on clearance at Target and it looks like a no brainer to buy. Its Amazon Sales Rank is really low and the profit margin is pretty good. Usually this would seem like a great buy but what you didn’t think about was that this was a seasonal product and now that the season is over the sales rank will drop and you might be sitting on it until next year.

With the Product Tracking tool you would be able to put in the item’s ASIN and see that before that particular season, none of that product was selling. This will help you avoid buying items that spiked in sales but will not consistently sell at that rate. Nice!

As you can see, online tools like FBA Toolkit can really help you with making better purchasing decisions for your Amazon selling business.

Stay tuned for our next article where we are going to cover some other awesome online Amazon tools!