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We’ve integrated GunBroker with Full Automation so customers can automatically upload products, sync inventory, and route orders with dropship suppliers directly to

What is Gun Broker? is the world’s largest online auction site dedicated to firearms, hunting, shooting, and accessories. Their marketplace specializes in the firearms industry, supporting the NRA, NSSF, Hunting Heritage Trust, Shooting Sports Summit and USA Shooting.

Why Sell on Gun Broker?

  1. Sell to a nationwide customer base with over 4 million registered users.
  2. Expand in-store traffic when using your Federal Firearms License (FFL).
  3. Get a personal appraisal of your item’s value.
  4. See average prices by model over the past 12 months, including price distribution.
  5. No insertion fees.

Why use Inventory Source with Gun Broker?

Auto-Upload Products

Easily upload and list thousands of products from dozens of outdoor, tactical, and firearms suppliers. No files to upload, no data to be modified and mapped.

Auto-Sync Inventory

Sync up to date inventory quantities and pricing from your supplier as they update it. Optimized sync technology ensures accuracy and avoids stock outs.

Auto-Send Orders & Tracking

As orders roll in from GunBroker, easily route them to your dropship suppliers. Once shipped, tracking numbers auto-updated back to Gun Broker and notify your customers.

To celebrate the integration with we’re giving $20 to each customer that adds Gun Broker with any of your suppliers specializing in outdoors, tactical, and firearms. Simply add the promo code “GunBroker20” (case sensitive) during checkout.

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