Inventory Source Podcast Episode 2: Fulcrum Archery

In this week’s Inventory Source Customer Spotlight, Troy from talks about how he scaled his online dropshipping business, how he differentiates from his competitors and how he gets involved with his local community.

I’d like to recommend to anyone out there that’s listening that has a dream or has an idea of how to start a company and just doesn’t know where to begin, a couple of things. One – be bold in what you do. Don’t hold back and give it all you got. Be passionate. If you show that you are passionate about something, people will naturally gravitate towards whatever you’re doing. And then finally, do something different. Look at what the industry is doing that you’re considering and be different. Think of something different that you can bring to the table, and then figure out what companies, like Inventory and BigCommerce, are going to help you achieve that goal, and I think you’ll be successful.

Listen to full podcast below: