10 Best Dropshipping Products for Christmas to Skyrocket Your Sales

Christmas is a time when people go berserk during shopping and want to buy everything as it’s a season to be jolly and make people happy. While people go out to shop, most of them prefer to get things online giving a wonderful start to the best dropshipping products. Being a seller and a dropshipping partner, it is important to evoke the opportunity and make each conversion as a sale.

This blog will give you an insight into the top 10 products to fill up your online store to bring profit in this festive season. We will also cover the types of products, Christmas shopping trends for 2024, and how you can increase your sales during the festive season.


Why is Christmas Dropshipping Important?

What Type of Products are Best for Christmas Dropshipping?

Christmas Shopping Trends Overview 2024

How to find winning dropshipping Christmas products for your online store?

10 best dropshipping products for Christmas

4 Tips on How to Increase Sales when Dropshipping Christmas Products

Start Christmas Dropshipping Now with Inventory Source

Why is Christmas Dropshipping Important?

When we talk about Christmas sales mostly we think of lightweight gifting and decoration items as they are easy to ship making them hot dropshipping products. So, hiking up the sale of decorative and lightweight items is a wise decision to take. US holiday sales have grown exponentially year by year for over a decade and here are some insights to look on how people spend on gifts and presents:

  • 63% of US citizens shop online for Christmas presents.
  • 96% will buy gifts for their families.
  • Approximately $1000 is spent on Christmas each year.
  • The age group of 45-54 years are the highest spenders over the winter holidays and Christmas.

What Type of Products are Best for Christmas Dropshipping?

Apparel and Gift Cards are going to be the most popular gifting item followed by Electronics and Toys according to Statista. If you figure out the dropshipping niche correctly then you can bring a high number of sales if only they complete the list below:

There would be a less negligible number of people who will not love the “gift” that you have presented, almost everyone will love them, so you have to be thoughtful while gifting.

Personalization and customization are very popular in gifting as this makes the person feel very special. If you are sending personalized gifts then make sure you pick up a dedicated and trustworthy supplier from the list of integrated suppliers from Inventory Source.

Home decor stands in the 5th position on the list of holiday gifts by category in 2024. As they are lightweight and look beautiful in your home. Dropshipping Christmas products under the Decor category will bring up sales for you.

Christmas Shopping Trends Overview 2024

As soon as the Halloween season is over, the Christmas season begins and this is why around 48% of customers start shopping by the end of October.

In the year 2022, the forecast from November to December was to reach between 3% to 4% which is between $957.3 billion and $966.6 billion. The online stores are expected to reach between $273.7 billion and $278.8 billion. In this year 2024, the focus would be on decorations and food mostly. It is said that 43% of shoppers start their shopping by the end of October and the start of November and approximately 62% will not be finishing it by December.

In the year 2024:

  • 60% of customers are going to spread out the gifting budget.
  • 30% will avoid missing out on the discounts on specific items.
  • 45% will avoid the crowds and will prefer shopping online.
  • 46% will avoid last-minute shopping and will plan ahead.

How to find winning dropshipping Christmas products for your online store?

The busiest time of the year is also a good time to dropship Christmas products to gain a good profit on sales. There are many products that you can line up to sell but not all products are good enough to be sold online.

Hence, it is important to find the right dropshipping Christmas products to fill up your online store. For this, you need to look for high-potential products that you can get from the latest trends, product research tools, customer preference, and high in-demand products.

10 best dropshipping products for Christmas

Christmas Snow Globe Lantern

The snow globe lantern is one of the most selling and iconic holiday decorations. The product revives a lot of memories and creates nostalgia as most people have been a direct part of Christmas decorations at some point in their age. The appeal, the cozy environment, and the holiday spirit are all you will be feeling when you have this.

Christmas Pet Costumes

Why leave the furry friends out? As per statistics, 66% of US homes have pets in 2024. Pet owners usually get matching Christmas costumes so they can also be a part of the theme. Costumes like Santa costumes, Elf costumes, or fur outfits are top-selling and will attract a lot of customers.

Christmas Advent Calendar

The Christmas Advent Calendar stands as a beloved tradition, fostering excitement in the days leading up to Christmas. In essence, these calendars cultivate anticipation by unveiling surprises or treats each day. Hence, incorporating this product into our store proves lucrative, particularly as customers actively seek items that enhance the festive spirit during the holiday season.

Fairy Lights and Christmas Tree Decorations

Many people count the days until Christmas but before that, they announce by putting up the lights. This is said to be the first task to kick off the festive preparations. It’s no surprise that fairy lights are one of the most popular decorative products and bring out the beauty of your house.

Apple Products

Since the launch of new Apple products, people have been seen lining up to buy the new line. Parents usually bring new iPads and MacBooks for their kids who are studying. Customers also upgrade their current iPhones to a model up. One of the most selling Apple products is Apple

AirPods Max.

Christmas Sweaters

Christmas is a festival where people dress up, have great food, exchange gifts, and wear Christmas sweaters. Christmas knitted sweaters are a popular trend for the holiday season. Looking to offer these in-demand dropshipping Christmas products to your customers? By doing so, you’ll provide them with the perfect attire to stay warm and stylish while enjoying the timeless holiday classics or partaking in festive gatherings with their closest friends during brunch or dinner.

Home Fragrance Diffuser

Usually, a home smells heavenly during Christmas, the whiff of freshly baked cookies and gingerbread houses keeps your mood elevated and festive. Why not give a diffuser as a gift with the same fragrance? This way you keep the festive spirit alive and keep your house smelling delicious.

Beauty Products

Beauty products are a way to make a girl happy. You can also combine beauty products with hair care products to make a hamper to present to your daughter, sister, wife, and mother. You will find trustworthy and integrated suppliers that will provide the best quality beauty products to make your people happy during Christmas.

Cookie Cutters

Capture the attention of customers passionate about baking and cooking with these festive Christmas Cookie Cutters. Essential for holiday baking traditions, these cookie cutters boast durability, and reusability, and offer limitless options for crafting delightful treats. Moreover, they serve as excellent complementary items, seamlessly enhancing add-on sales when paired with other kitchen or baking essentials.

Christmas Floor Runners

Christmas-themed floor runners scream Holiday excitement. Having these for your home or gifting it to someone will bring nothing but praise to you. This is one of the exceptional items and a very different one to give. You can gift your family members a bunch of it so they can use it in the kitchen, doorways, bathrooms, and any other places they can find.

4 Tips on How to Increase Sales when Dropshipping Christmas Products

Start Marketing Early by Planning Ahead

If you have to score a good number of sales during the festive season then the best option is to start early. We mean to say that marketing takes time, spreading the word takes time and the best option is to start early.

Marketing holiday-specific items will need a proper and dedicated plan of action as after that you will be able to target your desired audience.

Choose the Right Suppliers

It’s very important to choose the right suppliers; the one which delivers the right order at the right time and takes care of the quality as well. Supplier intervention can either make your holidays or break your holidays and the festive mood.

Inventory Source brings you a list of trustworthy integrated suppliers. With the help of our 180+ integrated suppliers, you will be able to get good quality festive products with fast shipping. We offer a free sign-up!

Website Decoration for Christmas

Get your dropshipping website ready for holiday shoppers. In simpler terms, infuse your website with the festive spirit of Christmas. Wondering why? It’s simple – a redesigned homepage can effectively capture the attention of more visitors, compelling them to click the coveted “Buy” button.

Just as an example, you can play soft music on your website or welcome the customers with warm wishes.

Special Christmas Offers

Create special offers for Christmas by incorporating upselling, and cross-selling methods in your dropshipping marketing plans. As the dropshipping store owners have a common goal i.e. to earn money and leveraging these techniques will help you bring more customers and get more sales.

Start Christmas Dropshipping Now with Inventory Source.

We hope that you have enough gift inspiration to sell. To ensure you seize the optimal Christmas sales opportunities, swiftly incorporate these items into your store using Inventory Source and kickstart your selling. For newcomers, effortlessly link your online store with Inventory Source in just a few seconds. This synchronization ensures your orders seamlessly align with Inventory Source, expediting processing and swift shipping for a seamless experience!

Christmas Dropshipping FAQs

How can I identify the most popular and in-demand products for the holiday shopping rush?

To identify popular holiday products, analyze current trends, monitor social media, review customer reviews and feedback, leverage analytics tools, and stay informed about industry forecasts and consumer preferences.

What role do product uniqueness and creativity play in selecting the best Christmas dropshipping items?

Product uniqueness and creativity are crucial in selecting the best Christmas dropshipping items as they capture attention, evoke emotions, and differentiate offerings, increasing customer appeal and driving sales.

How can I effectively market and promote these Christmas dropshipping products to my target audience?

Leverage social media platforms, create festive email campaigns, collaborate with influencers for product endorsements, optimize product listings for holiday keywords, and offer exclusive discounts to entice your target audience during Christmas.

What is the importance of timely shipping and order management during the busy Christmas season?

Timely shipping and order management during the busy Christmas season is crucial to meeting customer expectations, ensuring satisfaction, and maintaining a positive brand image, fostering repeat business and customer loyalty.

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