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You have a new website, but you want to get some great looking banners or images created for your store. You might be comfortable adding some text to an image, but you need some great images you can use for your site. Many of you might use the stock photo search engine…while this is certainly an easy approach, you likely will not have the rights to easily use those images for your store.

The easiest way to stock photo sources that you can use royalty free, is to search the stock image websites. They will let you know if there is any licensing charge, but they often provide the ability to search “royalty free” or “free license” image collections, which means you can use them on your website without issue. If you are on a stock image website, just review their details for when and how you can use their images on your site, and you should not have any issues.

I have included 21 websites for free stock photos below to help you get started with your high resolution image hunt for your website or blog:

1) Superfamous

  • Free stock images to download
  • Interesting collections, including abstract stock photographs

2) Life of Pix

  • Extremely high resolution photography
  • New photography added weekly

3) Startup Stock

  • Perfect for a tech related website
  • Focuses on “startup photography”

4) Pexels

Pexels for stock photos

  • Huge collection of artistic stock images
  • Nature, abstract and technology related photography

5) Magdeleine

  • Ability to sort photography based on colors, categories
  • Easy to navigate system

6) Stock Snap

  • Powerful search engine for finding stock images
  • Extremely user friendly interface

7) Unsplash

  • High resolution stock photography
  • 10 new photos every 10 days

8) Gratisography

  • Free images for commercial use
  • Humor, and high contrast photography

9) ISO Republic

  • Large community of photographers contributing
  • Easily sortable based on stock image category

10) Raumrot

  • Sets available depending on what category you’re looking for
  • Colorful and high contrast photographs available

11) Burst

  • Offers entrepreneurs a free stock photo platform by Shopify.
  • Attribution is not required, but photographers appreciate acknowledgment for their work.

12) Pixabay

  • The images are licensed under Creative Commons Zero which allows image usage without giving credit.
  • It has diverse content formats which include illustrations and sound effects.

13) Free Images

  • Over 300,000 free stock images are available under its own license.
  • There are some restricted use cases, aligning with common practices on free image sites.

14) Kaboompics

  • Has its own license, similar to Creative Commons Zero, with a restriction on redistributing photos.
  • Kaboompics provides a complementary palette of colors giving the ability to search by colors.

15) CanvaCanva stock photos

  • A user-friendly alternative to photoshop which serves as an online graphic design tool.
  • Canva offers a vast library of free and premium stock photos that can be customized.

16) Vecteezy

  • Access to over 10 million free, royalty-free images, PSDs, vectors, videos, and templates.
  •  A user-friendly advanced search function to filter content, license and AI images.

17) Flickr

  • Allows modification of some images for commercial purposes.
  • License variation is present allowing restrictions prompting to identify each license.

18) PicJumbo

  • Provides over 2.5 million free-to-use images without registration.
  • Gives additional services like vertical images for Instagram stories under a budget.

19) VistaCreate

  • VistaCreate is a graphic design tool similar to Canva.
  • Provides a collection of royalty-free images required for designing.

20) Depositphotos

  • Depositphotos offers millions of royalty-free images, videos, and music.
  • Offers paid downloads and some free files for commercial use (with credit required).

21) iStock

  • Provides a paid membership.
  • They offer a one-month free trial that allows users to use the downloaded images during that period.

+Bonus) Good Free Photos

  • Sort images by country
  • Landscape and geography photographs available


This quick list of 21 best websites for free stock photos should be an easy way for you to get started with some great image options for your website or banners. They can easily be added to your main home page or even your policy pages to improve the look of your store.

If all of these seem like a bit much at first, don’t forget, you still have another great resource for website images, and that is the images for your products. You can easily use product images in banners for your website or as category images for your store. Also, you might find that your supplier provides additional marketing images and other materials that you can use to promote your dropship products and brands.

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