Weekly Retail Roundup – February 8, 2019

Our Weekly Retail Roundup consists of all the latest news, trends and insights in the ecommerce and retail industries.

This Week:

5 Tips for Selling without Discounting
Practical Ecommerce
Most business owners and managers desire to increase sales without discounting prices. But many observers insist that issuing coupons is a must for boosting ecommerce conversions. Regardless, do you want more sales or more profit? Increasing sales via discounts, coupons, and undercutting competitors (or a combination of all three) isn’t typically the best practice for smaller companies.

7 Best Social Networks to do Marketing in Your Ecommerce
Ecommerce Nation
Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and other platforms occupy a prominent place in the marketing strategy of Coca-Cola, Disney, Addidas and other well-known brands. According to a study by MarketingSherpa, 95% of users between the ages of 18 and 34 follow at least one brand on social networks. However, not all user communities are equally receptive to advertising, as their target (age, gender, interests, etc.) changes from one platform to another. But which social networks are best for marketing?

Inside Lucky Brand’s omnichannel strategy
Internet Retailer
Omnichannel shoppers are a high priority for Lucky Brand LLC. While roughly 30% of Lucky Brand’s sales occur online, the denim and apparel retailer’s stores play a crucial role in its overall operations, Lucky’s chief operating officer Michael Relich told Internet Retailer at the National Retail Federation 2019 conference in January. Lucky, which operates 250 stores, fulfills more than 40% of its ecommerce orders from its physical locations, he said.

What is Native Advertising and Why Is It So Powerful?
Consumers are bombarded with ads. Constantly. This has led to two worrisome problems for advertisers: Adblocking has been increasing for years as more and more people actively avoid ads. People’s habits are changing as they automatically ignore ads – a phenomenon called “banner blindness.” “Tuning out the noise has become instinctual,” writes marketer Nishat Mehta on Forbes. “Even my two-year-old son has learned to ‘Skip Ad’ on YouTube to get to his Daniel Tiger video faster.”

Stripe plans to add its payment services to more countries
Internet Retailer
In 2010, when Patrick Collison founded Stripe Inc. with his younger brother John, he thought the world was headed toward ever-increasing globalization, economic stability and international commerce. Now, based on the events of the last couple years, no one holds “so Panglossian a view,” said the 30-year-old chief executive officer.

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