US Direct Proven Sellers Now Has ASINs Validated

The Inventory Source Support Team has combed through the US Direct Proven Sellers 5,000 product catalog to improve and add missing ASINs to the different SKUs.

This means that ALL products in the Proven Sellers catalog will have accurate ASINs, and Amazon sellers will feel confident that all SKUs will match up to the appropriate Amazon listing.

During the ASIN validation process, we cross reference UPCs, ASINs, and Amazon listings to validate that all 5,000 US Direct Proven Sellers products have the correct ASIN associated. This helps alleviate the common pain-points that typically occur with the Amazon listing process by ensuring that all SKUs published to Amazon from the Proven Sellers catalog will be live only on the appropriate Amazon listing.

US Direct allows you to source quality products and leading brands from top US dropship suppliers with quick shipping and delivery. The Proven Sellers product catalog includes hand-picked products found within the US Direct library that have sold multiple times. There are over 5,000 active products to choose from!

  • No Supplier Approval Process
  • Top Products From Leading Brands
  • Predictable Costs
  • Flat-Rate Shipping Based on Weight