The 6 Top Dropship YouTubers of 2019

Did you know that 1.9 billion users log into YouTube each month? Not only that, but YouTube is the second most visited website in existence, according to Alexa.

So, it comes as no surprise that people are actively searching through YouTube to learn, consume and be entertained. In the ecommerce world, there are numerous YouTube channels providing users with tips on topics such as dropshipping, marketing and converting. In this article, I’m going to give you a list of the top dropship YouTubers of 2019.

1. Wholesale Ted

Key Highlights:

  • Highly dropshipping focused
  • Does reviews about platforms
  • Centered around Aliexpress
  • Touches on print on demand products

Wholesale Ted provides users with informational tutorials and tips for ecommerce store owners on different topics such as dropshipping, wholesaling and marketplace selling to help you be profitable and run a successful business.

2. Drop Ship Lifestyle

Key Highlights:

  • Weekly videos on dropshipping
  • Talks about other aspects of ecommerce, like advertising
  • Mostly beneficial for Shopify users

Drop Ship Lifestyle creates videos on dropshipping of course to help spark entrepreneurs to start and grow their own online business. Founded in 2013, the channel creates videos on a weekly basis, so you know you’re always getting up-to-date tips and information.

3. Gabriel St-Germain

Key Highlights:

  • Focused around Shopify and Oberlo
  • Gives you different dropshipping strategies
  • Has other beneficial business content, such as Facebook Ads focused videos

Gabriel St-Germain provides entrepreneurial advice to those with online businesses on topics such as dropshipping, ad strategy and more. He claims to run multiple, six-figure online businesses and hopes to help others do the same.

4. Tanner Planes

Key Highlights:

  • Dropships using Shopify and Aliexpress
  • Additionally has numerous videos on Facebook advertising
  • Gives helpful tips around conversions and profitability for your Shopify store

Tanner Planes is a young entrepreneur who has had a lot of success using the dropship ecommerce model. His channel gives you helpful tips on how you can be successful yourself, including useful videos on Facebook advertising.

5. Scott Hilse

Key Highlights:

  • Has had success using a combination of Shopify, Aliexpress and Facebook Advertising
  • Transparent
  • Advocates the one product store strategy

Scott Hilse is a widely popular YouTuber among ecommerce entrepreneurs. He provides tips and step-by-step videos on how to create and scale dropshipping businesses, specifically with Shopify and Oberlo.

6. Kevin David

Key Highlights:

  • Has some dropshipping videos, but mostly about passive income as a whole
  • Creates motivational videos for the aspiring entrepreneur
  • Talks everything from Shopify, Instagram, YouTube, Google and more

Kevin David has seen ecommerce success the past couple of years, but he doesn’t just make videos about dropshipping. He makes videos about how you can earn a passive income yourself as well as other inspirational videos about how to earn financial freedom.