Suppliers Resume Dropship Operations

Amid COVID-19 concerns, a few suppliers closed down operations, but have since reopened.

The following suppliers have resumed accepting orders:

  • Palko Distributing
  • BeWicked*
  • Williams Trading*
  • SexToyClub
  • Eldorado*
  • Lipsey’s
  • Mirage Pet Products
  • Richard Cannon Jewelry*
  • VKY & CO
  • Savoy Active

*These suppliers are US Direct suppliers, and we are working on updating and adding these products back into the US Direct catalog.

If you have any questions about these suppliers or resuming your previous integrations, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Support Team at

If you have previously froze your integration due to these suppliers not being able to accept any dropship orders, you can learn how to unfreeze your integration by clicking here.