Inventory Source Expands Free Supplier Directory To Feature Over 180 Suppliers


Inventory Source Expands Free Supplier Directory To Feature Over 180 Suppliers
Users Can Access Supplier Information and Full Product Data at No Cost

Jacksonville, FL [January 6, 2021]: Inventory Source, a dropship automation company, has expanded its free supplier directory to include over 180 wholesale and dropship brands and distributors from leading retail niches. Over 240 of these suppliers are pre-integrated, allowing customers to easily sync product data, inventory, orders and shipping information to their online sales platforms.

Inventory Source provides the only dropship and wholesale supplier directory that contains a full product catalog and data, which users can view at no cost. The network of dropship suppliers includes a large number of exclusive brands and high-quality products to help ecommerce business owners stay competitive in the market.

“With the events of the past year, we have seen a need now more than ever to help enable suppliers and retailers to discover and connect with each other online,” said Travis Mariea, Inventory Source CEO. “We truly feel this update makes our supplier directory the most comprehensive and information-rich directory on the internet.”

The extensive directory features a comprehensive selection of supplier information, including dropship fees, policies and contact details. This eliminates the effort typically involved in locating top distributors and researching the suppliers’ policies and product offerings. 

By expanding the directory to over 180 verified suppliers, Inventory Source allows business owners looking to begin dropshipping or expand their existing ecommerce operations to find unique supplier partners. Locating a brand or distributor is made even easier through advanced filtering, sorting and searching. 

“We wanted to provide it for free for both suppliers and retailers to help them better discover and connect with each other in this increasingly digital world,” said Mariea.

Access to the new supplier directory is free when creating an Inventory Source account. For more information, visit


About Inventory Source

Inventory Source offers automation solutions for both dropship retailers and suppliers in the form of three product offerings: Inventory Source, US Direct and Flxpoint.

  • Inventory Source is an expansive dropship supplier directory consisting of over 180 supplier profile listings and pre-built supplier integrations in a diverse array of product niches such as home and garden, consumer electronics, pet supplies, outdoor gear and more. 
  • US Direct provides online retailers instant access to “dropship ready” products that are sourced from top US dropship suppliers. Retailers can integrate with US Direct as a supplier using Inventory Source and immediately begin selling products from partnered dropship suppliers without a lengthy approval process, hidden fees or unpredictable shipping rates.
  • Flxpoint is an inventory and order management platform built for the multi-source, multi-channel, modern merchant that connects your supply chain to your sales channels to fully automate ecommerce operations. 

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