New Pricing Plans & 24/7 Support Rollout Starting October 1

Inventory Source has new pricing plans and we are excited to announce the launch of 24/7 priority support for our VIP customers starting on October 1st, 2018.

If you want to get locked into one of our current plans, now is the time to do it! After October 1st, you will only be able to purchase a new plan.

See below for our new pricing plans rolling out on October 1 as well as FAQs to help answer any questions you may have on these changes.

Inventory Automation Plans:

Full Automation Plans:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will my current pricing plan change? 

No. Everyone with the old pricing plans will be grandfathered in, meaning you will still be charged the same monthly rate and can add integrations within your current plan and old pricing. However, if you want to upgrade/change plans, you will have to switch to one of the new pricing plans. If you cancel your current plan and want to restart service in the future, you will need to select one of the new plans.

What does priority support mean and can I get it with my current plan?

When you are on the “VIP Plan” that provides 24/7 priority support, your support emails and chats will be sent into our priority support inbox. This inbox is monitored 24/7 and managed by our senior support team members. Learn more here for expected response times and 24×7 policy details. Also yes, you can add “24/7 Priority Support” to any legacy “Pro Plan or the new “Plus” Plan for an additional $50/month. You can not add priority support to a “Basic” plan or the legacy “Standard” plan.

Why are the Full Automation Basic plans less expensive than the old Standard plans?

We wanted to lower the price point for the entry level customer who needed Full Automation while allowing it to make sense for our business. The new “Basic” Plans come with 250 orders and a 50k SKU limit, whereas the former “Standard” Plan had an order limit of 500 and a SKU limit of 100k. If you want to downgrade from the “Standard” to the “Basic” you can, however you will lose out on the order limit and SKU limit without the ability to switch back.

Why are the new VIP plans more expensive than the old Enterprise plans when it has 1 less integration included?

The new VIP plans are the first plans to have 24/7 priority support, which was not an option on any former plan. Our pricing for these plans also reflects the recent improvements and new releases to our platform, such as our improved syncing process and API release.

Am I able to change from my old plan to a new plan?

Yes! All you have to do is login to your account and go to the “Add Integration” page. Here you will see the ability to “upgrade” your plan.

What happens when I add a new integration when I’m on my old plan?

Nothing changes. You can add on integrations and still be charged based off of your old plan. You will only have to switch to a new plan if you wish to upgrade your plan.

How can I compare the old plans to the new plans to see if I want to switch?

If you currently have an Account Manager, you will want to reach out to them as they will be happy to walk you through the new plan differences. If you don’t have an account manager, please email in your questions to or schedule a call here.