Introducing “Optimized Sync”


Inventory Source is proud to announce the arrival of “Optimized Sync”. Currently most our customers have a sync schedule of 1-2 times per day. With the introduction of our Optimized Sync plan, we now have the technology to pull your inventory feeds as often as new data is made available by your supplier. This will ensure your online store or ecommerce platform has the most accurate and optimized data made available by your supplier.

Those on our optimized sync plans have their inventory feed monitoring and updating schedules set to pull new data as often as it appears in the new supplier feed, to then be pushed as soon as possible to your store. Obviously how often the data is updated is dictated by how often the supplier updates their feed with new data, however with optimized sync you can be sure you are pulling this data as often possible. Data accuracy is key in dropship ecommerce and with this new service we hope to aim to reduce stock outs, help rapidly adjust for changing costs, and quickly add new products, ultimately allowing you run your business smoother and gain a leg up on your competition.

Optimized Sync is included in the Inventory Automation Premium Plan and all Full Automation Plans. It can also be added to the Inventory Automation Standard Plans for $25/month per integration. Feel free to contact us to add it today.