Ultimate Ecommerce Website Guide

Chapter 6: Ecommerce SEO Checklist

Ecommerce SEO Checklist

Before the checklist, let’s start with the truth about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It can be tough, and you’ll have to spend some time and sometimes money before you start seeing results. Although, nowadays there are many tools out there that can help you build and track your website’s SEO, and by using that data, you can regularly improve your strategy.

If you are new to SEO, I highly recommend reading Moz’s Beginner’s Guide to SEO before moving on to the checklist.

Here is our SEO checklist you’ll want to take into account before you open your online store:

Getting Started Checklist:

☐ Install Google Analytics

☐ Install Google Webmaster Tools

☐ Keyword Research via Google Keyword Planner

General Best Practices:

☐ Sitemap Submitted to Search Engines

☐ Intuitive Permalinks

☐ All Pages with Meta Description

☐ Structured Approach to Headers and Paragraph Text

☐ All Images With Alt-Tags

☐ Mobile Friendly

☐ Fast Page Speeds

☐ HTTPS (HTTP Secure) Certificate

Home Page:

☐ Featured Items Section

☐ Best Sellers/Most Popular Section

☐ Two-Level Category Navigation

☐ Simple/Fast Loading

Product Pages:

☐ Keyword Rich (not stuffed) Product Titles

☐ Unique and Informative Descriptions

☐ Product Reviews

Off Page:

☐ Research Backlinks (what sites, what content, etc.)

☐ Content Strategy (what content can I create that is the best?)

☐ Promotional and Sale Pages (with social share awards)

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