Improve your dropship operations and bottom line by streamlining vendor onboarding, automating inventory management, and optimizing order fulfillment.

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Solving Enterprise Level Dropship Challenges

Vendor Onboarding

Easily connect to any vendor with our data feed mapper, email templates, vendor portal, or prebuilt source connectors to Shopify, BigCommerce, and more.

Vendor and Channel Integrations

Easily connect to your vendors or existing sales channels with our pre-built connectors. Automatically connect to the top ecommerce platforms to pull or push product data, inventory, orders and tracking.

Order Routing Optimization

Intelligently route orders to multiple source warehouses and suppliers. Build workflows rules to optimize sourcing by preferred vendor, lowest cost, closest distance and more.

Inventory and Data Management

Intelligently connect to multiple sources of inventory to optimize sourcing and augment product data. Build overflow workflow rules to reduce stock outs and improve customer experience.

Sales & Profitability Reporting

We know that many of our customer sell both direct to consumers as well as to other businesses. We want to support all your business operations from one central platform.

B2B Reseller Management

Accepting orders (and payment) from your dropship resellers via email or a checkout process on your website just doesn't cut it. Our reseller portal allows you to accept order and payment automatically.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I work with several suppliers that send me files, can I integrate them?

Yes! You can integrate your suppliers inventory, product data, tracking, and invoice files easily into Flxpoint. You can set a schedule to pull in the new files as often as you would like.

Does Flxpoint support EDI?

Yes, we do support EDI. We can custom build integrations to your trading partners standard specifications or provide you with our standard specifications.

How does the cross supplier SKU mapping work?

When integrating multiple sources/suppliers, Flxpoint can identify product overlap by UPC, MPN, EAN, and ASIN. These multiple source products are then automatically mapped to a single virtual product

How does the order routing optimization work?

Flxpoint’s powerful order routing rules all you to build custom workflows to optimize the routing of orders across multiple sources and warehouse locations. Flxpoint rules are extremely flexible, allowing you to route orders by just about any data point including ship to location, order details customer details, (weight, SKU#, cost, etc.), source preference, etc.

Does Flxpoint support “Cross Docking” and “Freight Forwarding”?

Yes! Build customer routing rules to dynamically modify “Ship To” addresses and suppress tracking to keep order automation in place yet avoid customer confusion.

What is the B2B Reseller Management Feature?

For our customers who resell their product to a network of business resellers, we make life easier with our Reseller Management. This allows you manage different reseller tier pricing and product access, custom inventory feed generation, and reseller order automation and management.

Can Flxpoint allow to to help reduce Fraudulent Order Loss?

Certainly! Create custom rules upon order import to automatically set orders to an “on hold” status before processing to your supplier.

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