COVID-19 Updates from Inventory Source & Flxpoint

To our Inventory Source & Flxpoint Customers,

I’m sure you’ve received several emails regarding the Coronavirus, so I’ll try to keep it short. However, we do have a few important updates we would like to share with you.

#1 Our Team & Your Support

In an effort to keep our employees and their families safe, we have instituted a mandatory work from home policy in both our US and India offices. We will be monitoring the situation to determine an appropriate end date to this policy.

With that said, we expect little to no drop in productivity and our ability to support our customers 24×7 as normal. 

As a company that has always been partially distributed and operates nearly all our applications in the cloud, the transition in the last few days to 100% distributed has been fairly seamless, minus the borrowing of an office chair here and there :).

It is also worth noting that a majority of our team has been cross trained, and we feel confident in continuing our ability to support our customers in the unfortunate event any of our team members are affected by the virus.

#2 Out of Stock (OOS) Items

We have seen several of the distributors in our network selling out very quickly of the following items and have been told they are doing everything they can to replenish as quickly as possible.

  • High Risk OOS items include: shelf-stable foods, paper goods, cold remedies, cleaning products, and related items

We have seen a few cases where inventory feeds have not been accurately updated given the unprecedented demand for these products, and we are recommending you exclude them from your catalog to avoid stock outs.

US Direct has already excluded many of these “High Risk OOS” items from their catalog. Please contact your distributor directly for any questions about specific products they recommend removing from your store.

#3 Our Service

We do not anticipate any interruption in our service or our technology vendors’ services.

If at any point we feel we can not provide the service you have come to expect from Inventory Source & Flxpoint, we will be sure to notify you immediately.

Thank you for being a customer and we look forward to supporting you and your business during this time.

-Travis Mariea
Inventory Source & Flxpoint