How To Submit Your Dropship Web-Store URL To Bing And Yahoo:

Now, it is even easier to get your site listed with the search engines, like Bing and Yahoo, if you are getting ready to launch a new ecommerce wholesale dropship website, regardless of the shopping cart platform you use for your store.

Bing and Yahoo have joined forces and allow you one submission for both search engines.  When you are done with the basic setup of your website and you have pointed your domain name to your hosted webstore (this is done in your registrar account where you have purchased the domain, like,,, or others), you are ready to get your site picked up by the various search engines.

1- To make sure that you put in the correct address in the form, first open a web browser and go to your website’s home page.

2- Copy the entire address from the browser.

3- You will then paste that address into the Bing site submission window.

Here is the link to submit your URL to Bing and Yahoo:

One you enter and submit to the URL above the Bing and Yahoo will both know your store is ready and can begin to index more of your pages.  It could still take a few days or even a few weeks for your site to get fully indexed by these search engines, but the above is all is needed to start the process.

While you can see how easy it is to directly submit your store URL to the search engines, the best option is also simple, which is just to get a website which is already indexed linking to your store.

For example, if you go to a forum or a blog and post a link to your website, the search engines can find your site from here even if you do not submit it directly. They are already aware of the website you found, so anytime new links are added to these websites, the engines will crawl from that site to yours and index your pages as well.  The reason why this is a great option for getting started is because besides letting the search engines know about your domain, the more quality websites that have links to your site, the higher your website will begin to rank.

Because this site is already known to Bing and Yahoo they will check back on this site each time new links and pages are created.  When they find a link, such as the link to your website, even a link from the signature of your forum user account, it will then connect to your store and begin the indexing process as well for your pages.

The index process is the same when submitting to the URL directly or adding a link from an existing website, but the more sites that begin to show links to your webstore, the more authority and significance the search engines will place on your site.

So, either with a direct submission of your domain or with a link from an existing website, people will be Bing-ing your webstore in no time.

To learn more great tips and tricks, just review the Support Tab of your free member account.

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