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Dropshipping on Amazon is a retail fulfillment method where the seller will list a product that they do not have physical possession to sell on Amazon. A customer places an order and the seller buys that from a third-party supplier who then directly ships it to the customer. The key steps to dropshipping through Amazon involve niche selection, identifying reliable suppliers, and creating product listings on Amazon. Here is how to start dropshipping on Amazon.

Seller Setup – To set up your store, you need to create an Amazon seller account. Although, you can choose from a lot of seller plans, but for dropshipping, you should go with the professional plan.

Product Selection – You need to find the products you want to sell on Amazon but there is no need to purchase them in advance. You should look for suppliers and wholesalers who can ship the products on your behalf.

Listing Products – With the help of descriptions, prices, and Amazon verified images, create a product listing. In terms of description and pricing, your listing should stand out.

Order Placement – When an order is placed on your Amazon store you will purchase it from your supplier and provide them with the details of the customer shipping information.

Customer Service and Shipping – The supplier will ship the product directly to the customer but you might have to handle the refunds, returns, or inquiries.

Managing Inventory – It’s important to keep an eye on the supplier’s inventory just to make sure that the products are in stock so the customer does not face any problems while ordering.

Profit Margin – Your profit is the difference between the price at which you sold the product and the price at which you bought it from your supplier, minus any Amazon fees and other expenses.

How to Get Started with Amazon & Inventory Source?

As an entrepreneur, you can enhance your business by dropshipping through Amazon. By incorporating Inventory Source’s all-in-one platform, you will be able to provide a remarkable collection of dropshipping products in the USA through which you will gain profit. We have a remarkable selection of premium Amazon dropshipping products from the US.

We house a number of Amazon dropshipping suppliers that have high-quality products and prompt shipping. Once the order is placed, you will have no issues with easy tracking of the package and prompt delivery. You can also look forward to discounts on dropshipping products so that you are able to generate a good profit margin. To get started, you need to:

Register as an Amazon US Seller – Once you are ready with your business model, you need to register as a US Amazon seller to integrate your store with Inventory Source.

Connect your Amazon Seller Account with Inventory Source – The next step would be to connect your seller’s account to your Amazon Store.

Add Products and Push them – We have an automated push generator that will edit and automatically send products to your Amazon Store.

Inventory Source Fulfills the Orders – As soon as you receive an order from Amazon, the process of fulfilling and shipping to the customer will commence.

Dropship Top Products on Amazon with Wholesale Distributors in the USA.

Dropshipping top products on Amazon with wholesale distributors in the USA can be a lucrative business if executed effectively. To start with, deep market research is required as this will identify the most sought after products and the potential profit margin you can make on them. Finding your own niche is very important as it will help in producing a great profit margin once your target audience gets interested in the product.

Identifying wholesale suppliers in the USA and parenting with Inventory Source will help connect you with a number of genuine and reliable suppliers. We have integrated suppliers who are known for their diverse collection of high-quality products. They showcase a high-quality and great quantity collection that will match your niche. We boast a list of 180+ integrated suppliers that are authentic and will not disappoint you.

You have to set up the business after going through all the legal formalities and register it accordingly to obtain the necessary permits. Follow the instructions to create a seller account with Amazon and connect it with Inventory Source. Once you are connected with us you get access to all our suppliers and with great quality products that you can sell in your store.

With auto inventory sync in place, once the customer places an order with you, you get to purchase it from the seller and send them the details for shipping as they will directly ship it to the customer. Meanwhile, you might have to handle the returns, refunds, or any other inquiries. Inventory Source makes the complete process seamless and easy with our dedicated support and automation processes and tools.

Amazon Dropshipping FAQs

How to dropship on Amazon?

To dropship on Amazon, create a seller account, select products to sell from suppliers, list them on Amazon, fulfill orders by purchasing from suppliers, and provide excellent customer service. Ensure compliance with Amazon’s policies.

How to automate Amazon dropshipping?

Using dropshipping software or third-party automated tools will help streamline product listing, inventory management, pricing adjustments, and order fulfillment so that you are able to save time and increase profits and efficiency in the business.

Is dropshipping on Amazon a viable business model for beginners?

Yes, it is a good business model due to its low investment in money. However, Amazon is highly competitive and if you have to become successful then a careful product selection is required to market.

How can I find profitable products to dropship on Amazon?

To search for profitable products on Amazon you need to start by researching popular niches, you can analyze competition, and also check Amazon’s bestseller list. You can also use search tools and assess profit margins by factoring in fees and shipping costs.

What is auto ordering dropshipping on Amazon?

Auto ordering dropshipping on Amazon is like having a helpful assistant for your online store. WIth Inventory Source, When a customer buys something, the system automatically sends the order details to your supplier. They take care of packing and shipping the product directly to the customer. It’s like having a behind-the-scenes team handling the logistics, making your Amazon business more efficient and scalable.

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