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Full Product Data

We are one of the only companies that do a full product data upload to your store. We also provide more catalog management and customization tools with our Catalog Manager, which allows you to bulk customize product data, pricing rules and category mapping and automatically sync price, quantity and status updates to your store.

When evaluating dropship solutions, all too often dropship retailers are presented with partial “automation” solutions. Many of our competitors simply sync inventory and order data, while Inventory Source allows you to truly automate your supplier’s feed with a full product data integration and automated product uploads. Whether you plan on using all, some, or none of the supplier’s product data, integrating this information has automation benefits that those who only sync inventory data can not realize.

Benefits of Full Product Data Integration

1 – Streamline New Supplier Onboarding: Integrating with full catalog data allows you to easily browse through the supplier’s products to search and sort by this data. Once integrated with Inventory Source, you can easily search your supplier’s products by certain categories, filter for only those that have images, find products from specific brands, and more. Once you are ready to start selling these products automatically upload the images, titles, categories, descriptions, weights, and more to your online store. After upload you are able to modify titles/descriptions for SEO, add images, and adjust any other product data without the fear of the data being overwritten, we will only sync inventory and pricing going forward.

2 – Streamline New Product Imports: As new products appear in your supplier’s feed, you can set products alert to be notified of these new products as they become available in your supplier feed. With the use of the automation tools to automatically price, filter, and categorize your products you can set only the products you want to automatically upload to your store as they appear in your supplier feed and be priced and categorized appropriately. This allows you to streamline your new product upload process and be the first to market with your supplier’s newly available product.

3 – Leverage Automation Tools: The integration of data such as product categories, images, weights, manufacturer/brand names, allows you to build powerful automation rules to price, filter, and categorize your supplier’s products. Even if you plan on rewriting and modifying your supplier data, pulling it in from the feed in the first place allows you to build automation rules to list more products, more efficiently.

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Pre-Built Supplier Integrations

We have an expansive dropship supplier directory consisting of over 180 pre-built supplier integrations in a diverse array of product niches such as home and garden, consumer electronics, pet supplies, outdoor gear and more! Our network of dropship suppliers include a large number of exclusive brands and high quality products that will help your ecommerce business stay competitive in the market.

Many platforms may claim the ability to “easily connect” your supplier’s inventory & orders via FTP, API, email, or other generic file connections, however without a firm understanding of the intricacies of the data within the file or the platform you are connecting to, it can serve as more of a headache than a time saver. Every supplier is different in the data they provide, what that data means, and the format they provide it in. In order to ensure accurate and reliable data that high volume automation truly needs, each integration must take into consideration the business workflows and intent of the data it is transferring.

Multi-warehouse quantity calculating & order routing, split/partial/back order handling, quantity stock counts vs ranges, varying product statuses, parent/child SKU mapping, and many more data intricacies can greatly affect whether you can rely on your integration to automate your business operations.

Inventory Source actively manages theses intricacies for 150+ supplier integrations and provides the same level of integration detail and consultative onboarding for private/custom integrations.

In addition to providing a deep understanding of the integration between you and your dropship partners, when integrating over our platform you and your trading partners are able to directly integrate with any of our 25+ and growing pre-built ecommerce integrations. Whether you are a supplier connecting into your inventory management system to provide more accurate and updated information or a retailer hoping to automate sales channel sales, we allow a direct connection to avoid the manual and often error prone file based transfer process.

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US Direct Offering

US Direct is an offering from Inventory Source allowing you to gain instant access to over 120,000 dropship products from our favorite suppliers. You don’t have to go through a supplier approval process, we do all that for you! You simply integrate with US Direct as a supplier within Inventory Source and can immediately began selling products from our partnered dropship suppliers without the lengthy approval process, hidden fees or unpredictable shipping rates.

Our mission with US Direct is to empower small businesses by providing quick and easy access to profitable products at predictable costs. You can find US Direct’s product catalog in our Dropship Supplier Directory and can integrate US Direct like any other supplier while utilizing Inventory Source’s tools to customize your product feed. Read more about how it works here.

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24/7 Customer Support

We want to give our customers the best dropshipping experience possible, which is why we offer 24/7 customer support. Not only that, but our support is on-demand with our live chat option where you can connect directly with someone on our support staff. We also offer support email and scheduled calls to help answer any questions you may have about your integrations.

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