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Gain instant access to 150,000 dropship products from top US suppliers that are automatically loaded to your store and quickly shipped to your customers.

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Why Go US Direct?

  • Source Products From Trusted US Dropship Suppliers

  • Sell Quality Products From Leading Brands
  • Ship to Your Customer in 3-5 Days (US Lower 48)
  • Easily Test Various Product Niches & Audiences

  • Build a Sustainable Business & Gain Repeat Customers

How is US Direct different than Inventory Source?

Quickly Source Products With US Direct

US Direct is an offering allowing you to gain instant access to over 150,000 dropship products from our favorite suppliers. You don’t have to go through a supplier approval process, we do all that for you! You simply integrate with US Direct “as a supplier” within Inventory Source and can immediately begin selling products from our partnered dropship suppliers without the lengthy approval process, hidden fees or unpredictable shipping rates.  You integrate US Direct like any other supplier and still utilize Inventory Source’s tools to customize your product feed.

Customize Your Feed With Inventory Source

Inventory Source is the automation software which allows you integration and automate any supplier’s product feed. US Direct is integrated to your store like any other supplier, and you utilize Inventory Source’s Catalog Manager tools in order to customize your product feed, pricing rules, categories and more! It also provides automatic monitoring for price and quantity, so no manual uploads required! Inventory Source allows you to connect your existing suppliers along with US Direct into your online store. It’s important to note that a Full Automation Plan is required in order to add an US Direct integration.

US Direct Suppliers


US Direct’s mission is to provide the lowest price possible and break even on sales transactions to empower small businesses to sell profitable products at predictable costs. So essentially this means in most cases we sell the product to you at the cost the supplier sells to us. Some suppliers require we resell products at a certain discounted price and we pass on the lowest possible price the supplier allows, never seeking to profit from the transaction. We only will add a 5% fee to cover credit card and fraud/return risk.

How to Get Started With US Direct & Inventory Source

Becoming a member of US Direct is free, however we require an Inventory Source Full Automation Plan to upload products to your store & place orders with US Direct.

In order to sign up and start selling US Direct products, here is how to get started:

  • Create a free Inventory Source account here.

  • Search “US Direct” in Inventory Source’s supplier directory to browse products and prices.
  • “Add an Integration” and start the process by selecting your online store platform.
  • Complete the steps to select a Full Automation Plan and checkout.
  • Follow the instructions on the “Pending Integrations” page to get started uploading products to your website.


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