Sync Inventory & Orders Seamlessly

Stitch Labs + Inventory Source

Sync Inventory

Sync your Dropship Supplier or 3rd Party Warehouse’s inventory directly into Stitch Labs so you never sell an item that is out of stock.

Incoming Orders

Incoming orders from Stitch Labs are automatically placed directly into your supplier or warehouse’s fulfillment system.

Shipment Tracking

Shipment tracking from suppliers are sent directly to Stitch Labs and will automatically update order statuses to initiate channel workflows.

Stitch Labs + Inventory Source = Automated Ecommerce

Automate your supplier inventory and order management in Stitch Labs with Inventory Source. Our platform automatically uploads and updates your products from a network of over 100 Dropship Suppliers (or your own).

Upload product images, descriptions, and pricing to add to your existing product catalog. Receive daily inventory stock updates to avoid selling out of stock items. Route orders to your suppliers or 3PL warehouse and automatically receive back shipment tracking in Stitch.

  • Load Thousands of Products into Stitch with Ease
  • Sync Supplier & 3PL Inventory Levels
  • Auto-Send Orders & Update Shipment Tracking

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