Problems with Dropship

The Classic Dropship Problem
When selling from drop shippers, you do not have the inventory yourself and are therefore at risk of selling a product you do not have access to. If you sell an item that the supplier has gone out of stock of, you are unable to fulfill your orders and have to answer to angry customers, bad feedback, or even lawsuits. In addition, staying on top of current pricing, new products, and discontinued products can be a full time job.

The Dropship Solution For Successful Sellers
Inventory Source monitors the inventory of multiple major distributors across a broad range of product categories. When the items are removed or added to the supplier inventory, those same changes take place automatically on your website. We maintain a synchronized database with the suppliers and can push the changes directly to your store without any action required on your part.

What is typically a full time job for a dropship reseller becomes part of your automated back-end infrastructure, completely removing inventory management from your “to do” list. In addition, with our Inventory Stores platform, you can create multiple stores with multiple suppliers and receive our inventory updating services for FREE with your store hosting.

Why should I join the Inventory Source Network?
Clearly and simply, if you understand how drop shipping works, you will realize that there is one main problem you will need to solve in order to be successful. Inventory Source gives you the tools to manage multiple suppliers, multiple website, thousands of products, and is a 100% automated solution.

Get serious about your business! To be successful, you need a professional website and you need quality products from reliable suppliers. Give your business a real advantage by using Inventory Source.

The Benefit to YOU
With Inventory Source, you can set your store up once and then completely forget about managing your inventory. You can focus on running your business and generating sales, and feel confident that your website is filled with the most up-to-date inventory availability and pricing information, direct from your supplier.

Core Benefits to you:

  • Access to more than 105,000+ dropship products
  • Automatic inventory updates every day directly to your website
  • Save time and money by using 100% automated inventory management
  • Sell hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of products with no additional work
  • Powerful ecommerce platform with built-in inventory automation
  • Manage multiple product lines, suppliers, and ecommerce outlets automatically
  • Never cut-and-paste product information again
  • Receive free fully loaded files formatted with your products for eBay, Amazon, Yahoo, PriceGrabber, and more INCLUDED with your automation service or purchased separately. Custom solutions and professional assistance are available.
  • Save hours every day and sell more products than you ever thought possible

The Old Way

  • Compile product information from your supplier.
  • Format the product information for your website.
  • Load the products to your store.
  • Monitor each product at the supplier to see what is in stock.
  • Post regular updates to your website to reflect inventory changes.
  • Sell out of stock items and deal with angry customers.
  • Only sell a limited amount of products that you can monitor manually.

The Inventory Source Way

  • Load product lines to your site in one simple step.
  • Sit back, relax, and feel confident that your products are in stock and up-to-date.
  • Sell thousands of products with no additional work.
  • Add entire product lines with the push of a button.
  • Eliminate your inventory hassles completely!

** Added Benefits **
Are you selling on eBay, Amazon, Yahoo, PriceGrabber, or other marketing and sales channels? If so, we can provide you with formatted product files to match your website, allowing you to provide synchronized product information across all of your online channels. Custom solutions and professional assistance are available.

Inventory Source is THE online resource for drop ship inventory services.
E-Commerce just got EZ-er!

Summary Of Services
The products in our network are top quality, name-brand items. The suppliers integrated into the Inventory Source Supplier Network are reputable, reliable, and professional. We are your resource for what you need to succeed.

Add new product lines to increase your store’s sales volume. Stop wasting time managing your inventory or dealing with the headaches of selling out of stock items or products with outdated prices by taking advantage of our automation service. We provide you access to quality product data, image files, new product alerts, custom price setting tools, custom file support, custom design and programming services, and much more.

Let the experts handle it!
We make this easy for you! With our service, your responsibilities are only to choose the suppliers you wish to work with and to tell us where your store is. We will help you fill your store with products, create categories, determine your pricing markups, and maintain current inventory information.