Parachute Home

Company Overview

Parachute Home is a retailer of luxury bedding bath and home goods selling online at as well as their west coast brick and mortar stores.


Parachute Home had seen steady growth and a significant increase in order volume which had made fulfillment become increasingly difficult given their current retail infrastructure and resources. They knew they had to move to a Third Party Logisitics Warehouse for help with fulfillment and a new inventory and order management platform to help manage. Because of Parachute’s B2B & B2C multi-channel needs their next logical step was to find a inventory and order management platform that would support their workflows as well as their new 3PL fulfillment.

Parachute decide on Newgistics for their Third Party Fulfillment, Stitch Labs for their inventory & order management, and Inventory Source as their integration partner to automate the order routing and inventory syncing between the two.

The major challenge in this migration was accounting for the business rules and ecommerce workflows to ensure automated ordering and inventory syncing would provide efficiencies and not cause unforseen downstream affects.


Parachute, Inventory Source, Stitch Labs, and Newgistics teams met weekly to outline Parachute’s business workflows and the software functionality to coordinate the build, migration, and cut over. The sought after end result was where Stitch Labs was the interface used to manage all inventory and orders, Newgistics was fulfilling a significant majority of Parachutes orders and, Inventory Source was the automating the syncing of orders, shipment tracking, and inventory to prevent overselling, order entry errors, and increase turnaround time.

After initial conference calls, Inventory Source custom built out the integration connecting Newgistics and Stitch Labs to fit Parachute’s business rules and fulfillment workflows. Accounting for wholesale orders, damaged inventory, returns, SKU bundling, and even handling unfulfillable gift cards & sample swatches were handled to ensure the automation streamlined the business processes and didn’t throw a wrench in it.


With all four companies working as a team, Parachute successfully migrated their fulfilment operations to Newgistics and their inventory and order management to Stitch Labs. They are now able to easily handle the significant order volume increases knowing inventory and orders are constantly synced by Inventory Source, fulfilled by Newgistics, and managed by Stitch Labs.

“Inventory Source is the Linchpin between our ERP and our 3PL Warehouse… Having experts in this space that had worked with the complexities of 3PL order management certainly helped us achieve our goal of automating the order loop.”

– Luke Droulez | Parachute Home