Ultimate Guide to Inventory Source

Chapter 3: Supplier Directory

Inventory Source Supplier Directory

For videos on how to use our Supplier Directory, please click here.

The supplier directory is where you will first experience Inventory Source’s value. We provide an in-depth look at all of our available drop ship suppliers. You can filter down by product niche, as well as look at the supplier’s catalog in order to make an informed decision about their first step towards building their drop ship business.

The Supplier Directory offers a list of all of our available suppliers in a convenient and easy-to-use dashboard. 

You are able to filter out product categories on the left side of the dashboard and the directory will automatically filter out suppliers who do not meet that product category. 

You can also filter suppliers by location, level of automation available, data feed quality, where a supplier ships to, and if they provide a product catalog for a prospective reseller to peruse.

Upon selecting a supplier to research, you will be greeted with this screen. It allows you to look through their potential supplier’s catalog and see a range of wholesale prices, and what goods they offer to their resellers. For customers who are brand new to ecommerce, this is an invaluable tool for prospecting potential opportunities.    

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